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sharing info

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elliejjtiny Fri 26-Nov-10 14:11:17

what is acceptable when it comes to sharing info between proffessionals? I was just wondering as I was deliberately not telling people who didn't need to know that I was pg with DSthree. I obviously told the midwife and GP and also DS2's paed and DS1's paed. I knew people would need to know eventually as I couldn't exactly hide a newborn but by then I could have avoided all the "you'll never cope with three" and "are you having genetics tests?/why aren't you having genetics tests?" etc that some people like to come out with. DH was off work last week and he told DS2's preschool leader so now all 25 of the professionals know even though I've said to everyone who knows that we would like to keep it quietish for the time being. Thankfully so far it's just been positive reactions (negative ones were from my mum, and pil) but I've had a message on my answering machine from barnardoes saying she want's a chat which I hope isn't anything too scary. I'm just concsious that I struggled a lot when DS2 was tiny so I'm paranoid that people will be thinking that we are stupid or mad for having a third although I think most of the struggling was because of the 2 under 2 thing rather than DS2's SN. I don't know what the point of this moan is except for a hormonal rant about sometimes it would be nice to do something without 25 professionals knowing and having an opinion. It's like being a celebrity but without the glamour and the money lol.

auntevil Fri 26-Nov-10 14:23:05

You mean you weren't the person in the 95 bits of gossip for 95p magazine?!! wink .
Tbh , it's nobodies business but you and DH as to the whys and wherefores of having DC3 (to a lesser extent DH as they don't actually carry DC for 9 months and get the hormonal side.)
I liked to be able to tell who i wanted when i wanted about being pregnant on each occasion. But there is always 1 person that finds out and 'spreads' the good news.
Enjoy your pregnancy smile

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