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What is the accepted way of saying to a teacher

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asdx2 Fri 26-Nov-10 11:33:50

this IEP is tosh are you going to rewrite it or shall I?
Got dd's IEP yesterday,three targets, one suggested by dd [shock} that she can do anywayconfusedOne that feels to me that they put in because they were struggling for ideas and the only worthwhile one (because I suggested that we need to address her social use of language) is so wide you can drive a tank through it and there are no strategies and no outcomes angry
So this morning put on my nicest grin and respectfully and tactfully suggested that the IEP wasn't really up to scratch.
Had a message saying she wants to meet after school today (I can't because of ds's taxi) to discuss IEP seeing as I am so particular hmm
So any ideas for how to address such issues without managing to offend because I really was on my best behaviour today and even managed not to hmm when given it yesterday.

Spinkle Fri 26-Nov-10 13:03:32

How frustrating!

Can I say that in some schools all IEPs are written by SENCos. This mean the ordinary classroom teacher, when faced with the prospect of writing one, is kinda at sea.

You will need to sign the IEP and of course if you are unhappy you can make them change it.

I'd maybe just say you think that the targets are not suitable and that they should be SMART.

Think yourself lucky - my DS' school didn't know he needed an IEP 'because he has a statement' hmm and when I mentioned to the SENCO the IDP he asked 'what's that?'.


anonandlikeit Fri 26-Nov-10 13:23:43

HOw about something like...
We would like to make sure we are consistent at home too, so need to understand more fully the strategies & how we measure the outcomes as we ant to amke sure we are all doing the same..... then when she looks confused & doesn't know wtf you are talking about.. you cna gently suggest your targets & strategies & by the end of the meetign you should have a re-written IEP that they believe was all their idea & youa re no1 supportive parent...

Or scenario 2 - Excuse me Miss, you dosy cow, this is a pile of sh*t- shall i re-write it over the week-end & give you a copy to sign on Monday [grin ]

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 26-Nov-10 14:47:53

I sent my son's Individual Empty Promise back for re-writing the day of the parents evening. I very politely took it back into school that evening and explained that this, this and this part of it (all done by pointing at IEP) were wrong. They agreed!.

Am still awaiting a revised version. Its not worth the paper its written on.

Willmum Fri 26-Nov-10 16:21:34

think I prefer scenario 2 anonandlikeit!

asdx2 Fri 26-Nov-10 18:04:21

Aww sod it decided to go for option two grin have rewrote it made targets SMART and given them workable strategies. Will invite teacher and TA to add to it if they choose wink

anonandlikeit Fri 26-Nov-10 19:03:27

Well done ASDx2. they'll learn to consult you FIRST next time, save them some red faces grin

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