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Thinking of giving up work ??

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kieranandalexsmummy Fri 26-Nov-10 07:03:50

i'm after some advice,my son has asd non-verbal, non-sleeper he is really difficult to handle some times i work nights as a auxlary nurse but dont think i can do both for much longer as i dont get to sleep during the day and he doesnt sleep so i dont catch up the next night and i cant work days as he wont stay with anyone not even family as he self harms if i leave him , does any-one no anything about claiming benifts as have never before and dont no where to start ive checked direct gov but they seem more intressted in getting people to stay in work rarther than helping those who cant.i know id have to give work 4wks notice but do i make a claim before my finish date so its in progress for when i finish,sorry im just really confused by it all.

donkeyderby Fri 26-Nov-10 09:13:54

Do you have anyone nearby who will give independent benefits advice, like a carers centre or an organisation for parents of disabled children. I gave up nursing for the same reasons - I began to think I was going to become dangerous on very little sleep and the stress was terrible at times.

The benefits system is very complex so it is worth getting as much info as possible in advance. Good luck

TheJollyPirate Fri 26-Nov-10 11:56:36

Hello, I am parent to an ASD child too (very verbal in his case). Last year I reduced my hours from full-time to just 16 hours a week and it's been the best decision I ever made. I am now around to support him and the school if they need it.

I don't get Housing Benefit as I earn too much but I DO get a higher rate of tax credit. With DLA and Working Tax Credit I am managing. I am definitely not as well off as before but the peace of mind is worth the decreased income.

If not working you will get Housing Benefit and Council Tax Credit, Increased Tax Credits and possi

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