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For Thomcat

(12 Posts)
eidsvold Fri 22-Aug-03 06:46:00

Just a quick message to let you know how gorgeous those pics you sent LOADS are. Trudy sent them to me to have a look at. I love hte sofa pic.... she is gorgeous

ThomCat Tue 26-Aug-03 10:31:16

Thanks Edisvold, how kind of you to email me to let me know, thank you.
Trudy has asked f she can use one of the pictures on the front page of the magazine- Quest, which is lovely and she's asked for a few words too about Lottie etc which I'm very pleased to do. So happy to have the opportunity to tell people how great Lottie is and perhaps reassure a couple of people that DS isn't as bad as perhaps they believe it is.
I've started to be a bit more pro-active just recently and I feel you're to lot to thank for that - so thanks Edisvold, thanks very much.
Much love to you and yours - Thomcat xx

eidsvold Mon 08-Sep-03 21:36:02

Just to let you know trudy emailed me your story this evening and I have just read it. What a great story....

fio2 Mon 08-Sep-03 21:42:22

ooooo does that mean we will all get to see it soon?

ThomCat Tue 09-Sep-03 10:05:58

OK Fio... and anyone else that is interested, have a look at this
I warn you it's long! Also you can't really see what she looks like - but anyway...........

wickedstepmother Tue 09-Sep-03 10:19:53

What a lovely story, birth stories always have me in tears . That pic is beautiful TC.


fio2 Tue 09-Sep-03 10:37:39

Thanks Thomcat thats a really lovely story. Ive been dying to read it after all I've heard about her, she looks such a little cutie pie. Thats really made my day that has

lou33 Tue 09-Sep-03 13:23:54

Great article TC, well done!

CAM Tue 09-Sep-03 13:48:54

Your daughter is truly beautiful Thomcat and I was moved greatly by your birth story.

Hughsie Tue 09-Sep-03 14:34:44

Thomcat - that is a lovely story you are Lottie are truely an inspiration to enjoy life and be thankful - she is beautiful

Caroline5 Tue 09-Sep-03 21:37:10

What a lovely story, Thomcat, Lottie is beautiful!

bunny2 Tue 09-Sep-03 21:44:45

I'm all teary again. What a beautiful girl and a lovely story Thomcat.

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