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7yr old with autism..advice welcomed

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coffee1 Tue 23-Nov-10 21:19:29

i am receiving outside support from organisations but i feel quite alone at the same time. I have to put up with various foul language, tantrums, violent outbursts, destruction in the home and even though these are hard to deal with i want to try and get his toilet training sorted, or at least form an improvement. He messes himself everyday and often wees in my kitchen in a certain place. I understand that his autism can contribute towrds this happening however there are certain time when i feel he can quite easily go to the toilet as he knows when he needs to wee because he chooses to go into the kitchen when nooone is looking. I would be very grateful and appreciative if someone can share some advice or tips and would be nice to hear from anybody who has children with Autism

iwearflairs Tue 23-Nov-10 21:36:58

Hello Coffee, which organisations are you receiving support from?

I have a 6 yr old with Aspergers. It sounds like you are having a very frustrating time.

There are often a variety of reasons behind unwanted behaviours, e.g. weeing in a certain place can be part of a routine/ritual rather than a rebellion as such. It is difficult for many SN parents sometimes to work out what is ASD behaviour and when a child is testing the boundaries.

Would thoroughly recommend talking to NAS helpline for specific problems and there are many MN mums on this board would be able to advise on toileting.

Best wishes and hope you get the advice you are after soon.

coffee1 Tue 23-Nov-10 21:44:24

thanks for your reply and advice... can i ask what problems if any you have had with your child and how if you have, managed to overcome them??

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