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trouble taking adhd meds

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yummymummyali Tue 23-Nov-10 10:29:30

my son is six and is on medikinet xl 10mg but he cant swallow the capsule. i have to open it and sprinkle it on to a rich tea biscuit covered in choclate spread. but ur not really suppose to crush or chew the balls from in the capsule. any other ideas . he doesnt like it in yogurt as he dosent like the texture of the balls in the smooth yoghurt.

ouryve Tue 23-Nov-10 12:34:12

DS1 takes strattera which is a little capsule of stinky nastiness. I usually give him some chewable eye Q omega 3 capsules first which, with a drink, leave his mouth nice and slippery. Maybe worth a try?

pinkorkid Tue 23-Nov-10 13:40:16

Would he eat a spoonful of chocolate spread with the balls from the capsule mixed in? Then he could swallow it down with a drink and not have to chew.

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