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Back to school on Wednesday - What do they have to do?

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rebl Mon 22-Nov-10 22:13:49

My ds(4) broke his arm very badly at school last week and has been off school for nearly a week. He hopefully will be going back to school on Wednesday when I hope he'll be into a full cast as opposed to a temporary one (hospital tomorrow). I'm going to call school tomorrow and tell them that with any luck he'll be back with them on Wednesday.

DS is unable to toilet himself and won't ask to go (only just dry in the day the last 8 weeks). At home its not a problem, I just follow him when he leaves the room and heads towards the stairs. He can't pull down his trousers or pants and he can't pull them back up again. He falls into the toilet if he needs to sit on it because he can't hold on.

DS is unable to pick up a glass. I've bought him a plastic mug, do I just take that in or ask them to provide him with a mug? I've bought him a water bottle that he can pick up as well, do I take that in as well?

He can't take clothes on and off. I've bought 2 fleeces (zip up ones) that are too big so that they go on easily. They're sort of the same colour as the uniform but not perfect. If he got hot he would need help to get it off and similarly he would need help to get it back on again.

He can't get a coat on so would need help for this.

He's a nightmare understanding his own safety. He seems to think it would be ok to go climbing on things with only 1 arm and I'm confident he would try at breaktime. What do I say to them? He can't be within an adults arm reach all the time but he can't be shouted at either to warn him as he's deaf.

So, what do I do / ask? He's already a strain on the teacher without this.

bensonbutnohedges Mon 22-Nov-10 22:22:27

Is he in Mainstream?

silverfrog Mon 22-Nov-10 22:23:31

oh rebl, doesn't sound like things are going much better

<meant to come back to your other thread, but life intervened!>

hmm, well, i wouldn't have any faith that any of your list would be accommodated, tbh.

in particular, I have found that Other Poeple (namely schools) are hopeless at monitoring temperature - dd1 was forever coming home too hot/cold despite me repeatedly telling everyone involved with her that she couldn't regulate her own temperature, and would be likely to sit in a coat in a heat wave...

I don't think any of your list is unreasonable, but I am not convinced that it will be adhered to.

how did your ds break his arm? it sounds nasty. hope he is feeling ok about it all?

IndigoBell Tue 23-Nov-10 00:02:57

This is how he broke his arm.

It sounded absolutely horrific.

rebl Tue 23-Nov-10 09:57:13

Yes its ms.

He's doing ok. We're back at the hospital this afternoon and hoping and praying that the bones have realigned themselves so that he won't need surgery and he can get a full cast on and start healing.

silverfrog Do you think there is any way I can make sure it is adhered to? He's such a danger to himself at the moment I'm quite worried by that.

Or do I ask for work to be sent home for a week or so until the healing process has at least started so that he's not at such a risk of further hurting himself?

Plus maybe in another week he'll be able to sort out his own toileting?

He needs to get back to school as he's starting to do my head in as he's bored at home and he can't do much and quite frankly there is only so much children's tv even a child can take!

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