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How can i make sure dd2 is getting 30 hrs support?

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Marne Sat 20-Nov-10 08:56:42

I had a meeting to review dd2's statement yesterday, the statement says 15 hours support when on half days and 30 hrs when she is full time. The SENCO managed to get funding for 10 hrs and then provided the other 5 hours themselves. Dd2 has now started doing 2 full days a week and 3 half days, on the full days she is still only getting 3 hours of support (her 1:1 is going home at 12am). The school have put in for funding for 30hrs support but are saying its not likely they will get the full 30 hrs hmm. The SENCO said that the school will have to cover the un-funded hours by using what ever staff they have free each day, dd2 need consistancy and needs to know who she can go to, if her support is a different person each day it is not going to work ,also, how do i know she is actually getting the support and they are not fobbing me off?

Last week her 1:1 was off sick for a day and dd2 was left with no support, her sister told me that the teacher had asked the rest of the class (4-7 year olds) to keep an eye on her angry.

I'm really worried that dd2 will not get the 30hrs which is on her statement. How do i know she's getting the support?

Do i still let her go in for the 2 full days a week even though she has no alocated support?

IndigoBell Sat 20-Nov-10 09:16:41

Bloody hell. What is the point of these much coveted statements if they don't actually come with the funding to provide the provision stated?

Because DD1 is in the same class, it will be hard for them to mislead you about what support DD2 is getting.....

StarkAndWitchesWillFindYou Sat 20-Nov-10 12:51:56

Marne What does the statement ACTUALLY say?

You can tell the school that you are not interested in their funding problems and you have enough stress without them coming to you with them. It is inappropriate to burden parents with their financial difficulties and they should take their worries and concerns to the LA.

You expect your dd to receive the provision that is in her statement and any flexibility should be for the sole benefit of your dd NOT their convenience (the Code of Practice says this somewhere so you probably want to look this up and hit them with the number).

Does your dd get a 6 monthly annual review?

Don't get defeated, get angry and demanding. They might save money by not employing someone to cover the hours, but they'll pay for it 100x over in responding to your letters on the matter and meetings with the HT.

You MUST at this stage let her go in, but carefully record incidents and monitor the deterioration of her behaviour at home. Difficulties at home are often the result of anxieties at school. You can monitor this with simple behavioural ABC charts. or tally charts.

Tantrums per day, agressive behaviours per day etc.

You will need to start collecting 'evidence'. YOu can get some information from your DD1, but be careful not to put pressure on her and remember that the word of a small child isn't likely to be taken very seriously.

Marne Sat 20-Nov-10 20:55:23

This was her 6 month review.

Statement says '15 hours support when part time and 30 hours when full time, to be used as 1:1 and/or in a small group'.

The SALT and outreach worker both said that dd2 should have someone with her at all times as dd2 gets very frustrated and needs calming down as well as the fact she runs off and eats anything she can lay her hands on. The SALT kept saying to the SENCO 'her statement says 30 hours so she must have 30 hours' but the SENCO seems to think its ok to use one of the other ta's (including one which is another childs 1:1) to keep an eye on dd2 hmm.

I have asked for a 1:1 at lunch time as dd2 was getting distressed in the luch hall and i was told there was no one to cover it but they would keep an eye on her hmm.

They are now going to try a buddy system (with another child) to help with social skills and so someone is with her at lunch and break times.

I'm really worried about what will happen with funding, i have the option of taking her out and trying another school (school nearer our house) but dd2 is enjoying this school and is doing really well (we are seeing proggress every week).

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