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It all gets too much

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sarah293 Thu 18-Nov-10 14:44:11

Message withdrawn

chocolatespread Thu 18-Nov-10 14:51:11

Grrrrr about the visiting hours thing! They can be so jobsworthy about it - you clearly have extenuating services and it most certainly would contribute to your mum's well-being for you to visit!!!!!! Apathy drives you nuts, too.

I don't want to be trite, because it's easy to say, "My goodness, poor you", and move on, but seriously, My goodness, poor you!!!

purplepidjin Thu 18-Nov-10 16:04:20

Pint of vodka and bucket of chocolate for Riven.

Also {{{hug}}} if you want it

sarah293 Thu 18-Nov-10 17:53:32

Message withdrawn

keepingupwiththejoneses Thu 18-Nov-10 18:02:45

You deserve a bawl riven.
Visiting hours are crap, hope they give in, that it the last thing you need at the moment is hospital politics.

signandsay Thu 18-Nov-10 18:04:41

sad sad sad

bigcar Thu 18-Nov-10 18:43:45

what crap visiting hours, 3-5 is awkward for most people, whether you have kids or work hmm Hope your mums ok and not in for too long.

Triggles Thu 18-Nov-10 19:15:55

Riven, is there any chance you can contact PALS and speak to them about it - perhaps they can intervene and get them to allow you to visit her anytime, due to your circumstances.

sarah293 Thu 18-Nov-10 20:31:24

Message withdrawn

auntevil Thu 18-Nov-10 20:54:01

I don't often swear, Riven, but bollocks to whoever is running the ward. My mum was in hospital pretty much this time last year and they tried to give me the same diatribe. I just spoke to the ward manager and told them that 'x' is the time i can come in. I needed to bring in DS3 as i had no other childcare, and that apart from me visiting she would have no other visitors (brother in NZ) - and no-one else to look after her mental well being. I got questioned many times when i visited and just said - 'contact x, the ward manager if you have a problem with me being here'.
riven - you deserve a bawl - and chocolate for having a brother that could make such a crass comment. He must know the amount of work everyday has in store for you - and he can't/won't take any pressure off? Don't get me started on absent brothers!
Don't over stretch yourself. Is there any contact you can keep with her that means you don't have to go in as much? I'm thinking mobiles, texting etc. Anyone else that she knows and wouldn't mind visiting her that could pop in to give you a day off?
Look after yourself Riven, your mum wouldn't want you to suffer as well.

sarah293 Fri 19-Nov-10 07:21:19

Message withdrawn

purplepidjin Fri 19-Nov-10 09:52:59

Stay strong, Riven. I have read about what a fantastic job you do from your posts on here. I'm down south between Bournemouth and Southampton, if you're anywhere near and I can help at all, let me know. Whether it's looking after the kids for a couple of hours, or visiting your mum and reading to her. Actually, that's a point - there must be a voluntary organisation that does that? I mean visiting and reading books/magazines/newspapers to people in hospital? <bimbles off to google...>

cory Fri 19-Nov-10 10:05:46

That's crap Riven sad

I'm so sorry for you- and those visiting hours are appalling. How can anyone make those hours? I've never heard of anything like it.

purplepidjin Fri 19-Nov-10 10:07:14

Pets as Therapy


starfishmummy Fri 19-Nov-10 10:36:42

Have been there too Riven so know how hard it must be for you. Hope it gets better soon

sarah293 Fri 19-Nov-10 21:10:18

Message withdrawn

ghoulsforgodot Fri 19-Nov-10 21:29:46

deep breath Riven.

Hope you are ok

tiredmummyneedswineandsleep Fri 19-Nov-10 21:33:36

ah hope you're as ok as can be.
grrr at your sis and bro.
any luck with pals?

Triggles Sat 20-Nov-10 12:13:08

tell her to come over and set a good example

i'll admit that my parents are in the states and have had some serious medical problems over the past 2 years, but i have 3 siblings that are perfectly capable if not always willing to help them. We simply cannot make the trip over. i know if i did it would all be left to me and they would always expect me to handle things. when i lived in the states, i did. but back here in the uk, i just can't.

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