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Please help

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mustbemadno3 Tue 16-Nov-10 22:14:12

Please help me. I am exhausted with my ds. He is 9 and has epilepsy which has not been well controlled until recently (fingers crossed) He has adhd and has recently been diagnosed with Autism (although Iam not too sure that is completley true, he maybe on the autistic spectrum)
Basically he is on a cocktail of drugs for epilepsy and after 2 years of refusing ritalin due to a problem with his immunity I succumbed through exhaustion and not knowing what else to do.
But we have already hit problems and has been taken off it for now.
He is seeing the camhs team for mental health issues (suicidal thoughts and actions)
He has a full time statement with 1-1 support at school.
So basically thats his background, but I feel so alone with him. I have 2 other dc and I am struggling to cope with his behaviour.
It sounds awful but I dont get any help with him out of school as nobody really wants to look after him, so I feel very alone with him.
Do you think I would be able to get some kind or respite for him?
I am not sure how to get it or if I am entitled to it?

purplepidjin Tue 16-Nov-10 22:29:31

I don't know if I can do much except pass the virtual wine bottle, but didn't want to read and run.

Social Services will be able to help you with respite, and there are probably charities in your area who can help, there's some info here


intothewest Tue 16-Nov-10 22:34:08

contact your local council and get in touch with the 'children who are disabled' team-they don't actually seem to have a written criteria for exactly who qualifies(though they go on about 'the criteria'all the time-)ask to meet with someone and get assessed for direct payments(if you get them ,there may also be help for getting a carer etc)If they can't-or won't help, ask them to direct you to someone who can,because it certainly sounds as though you need a break-good luck

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