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Another OMG we have a statement but.......

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Bluesunbeam Tue 16-Nov-10 16:00:48

How unbelievably vague!

Can anybody tell me what ancillary adult support means?

Ds has 32.5 hours and it is funded but nothing is specific or quantified.

I've been learning from all you ladies but really don't know much at all!

Programme after programme after programme!

Any suggestions or help really welcome.

StarkAndWitchesWillFindYou Tue 16-Nov-10 16:45:27

LOL. Well done to you too! grin

First celebrate, then get to work with a comb and helpline numbers.

It IS good news. It's a stupid game and this is just the first move.

starfish71 Tue 16-Nov-10 17:07:44

Well done bluesunbeam! Good advice on checking a statement on the SOSSEN site - been looking for myself there today.
It is a long process but check all the advices and highlight anything that has not been put into the statement - found a fair bit myself that had been left out.

Sure you will lots of better advice on here but really well done on getting this far! smile

Agnesdipesto Tue 16-Nov-10 18:02:15

Think A.C.E has a guide online too

bubbles22 Tue 16-Nov-10 18:11:43

Well done! ACE are good or give IPSEA a ring about the type of wording you would expect to see.

Definitely go through all the reports and check for anything missing.

Also, try parent partnership who should have experience in this too.

Bluesunbeam Tue 16-Nov-10 18:50:52

Thank you all.

Still digesting and have noticed some things missing from part 2 so I'll work on that first.

Sure I'll have some questions!

Good luck to all that are in the same/similar position smile

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