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Am I just a control freak??

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shaz298 Tue 16-Nov-10 11:58:24


Just wondering how you feel when your lo is away with grandparent or such like. I really struggle. I'd rather drive the to where they are going and pick the up.

I am terrified that if there is an accident that whoever is with him will panic and forget all about his odd anatomy etc etc.......The frosty weather doesn't help either! Luuk supposed to be going to my sisters with my mum on thursday. Add to that every single time my mum has him she gets something wrong. Turns his feed off too early ( because she can't work out the pump alarm and assumes when it beeps it's done, regardless of how often I explain to her) or gets med times wrong etc etc

Am I just a control freak?? Mum phoned and said she was going to do this and I am freaking. She doesn't have any comprehension of why I should be wary or nervous!

Thanks for reading xx

shaz298 Tue 16-Nov-10 11:59:08

Sorry about spelling having a problem with my 'm' key. x

Smallmonkfish Tue 16-Nov-10 12:19:00

Hi Shaz, don't really know what to say, you saw how I freaked when DH messed up the feeding pump at the weekend. Your words really helped me then.

As it's only been a few months, not at the stage you are at yet, but I'm sure I'll be just like you, although by then I'll probably be desperate for any time off, even if it makes me uncomfortable. What I can say is you are a concerned mum rather than a control freak.

Sorry I can't help more.

shaz298 Tue 16-Nov-10 12:29:47

Thanks. For me it's all about minimising risk. Mum is older ( but not really old), her health is not great so therefore she is more of a risk in terms of having an accident.

I really really want to say he's not going on Thursday but I know she'll think I'm being OTT. But I know thatin the unlikely event that she did have an accident, if anything bad happened to Luuk I would never forgive yself for having considered the risk and letting him go anyway.................

I know I need to let him go a bit but have decided if the roads are bad or it's gales or anything he will not be going, end of. Otherwise she will just need to phone me when she gets there and when she's leaving to come home.

The fact that she needs to leave him with my sister for an hour while she goes to a meeting( who hasn't looked after him since he was a baby and therefore hasn't been tube trained) doesn't help. I can phone and explain to my sis what she needs to do but.... She is taking him so I can help my step dad with things in the office that day( Luuk has an inservice day from school)

TBH I really struggled sending him to school and he's survived that ok. I think it's just really hard when you've spent years keeping your little one alive ( and much of my caring for Luuk has been just that)it becomes really difficult to hand some of that responsibility over to soeone else.

Sorry for the epic..........x

glittery Tue 16-Nov-10 14:09:21

yes you are grin

shaz298 Tue 16-Nov-10 14:26:37

Hey, how're you doing? Ok? xx

glittery Tue 16-Nov-10 14:31:01

nah bit shit to be honest, hopefully that'll improve once the funerals by with.
just trying to get back some normality right to The Fort tomorrow for lunch with Angela and we're booked up for the SK Keilder trip, so something to look forward to! smile

auntevil Tue 16-Nov-10 16:29:47

Shaz - you make it sound like there's something wrong with being a control freak?! grin . If you didn't look after DS so well in such an organised and efficient way, they would say you are an uncaring/incapable mother - you can't win.

shaz298 Wed 17-Nov-10 23:43:18

Go Auntevil!!

Glittery, glad you've soething to look forward to and that you have a nice lunch. Shower room looks fab ((((hugs)))) xx

glittery Thu 18-Nov-10 10:41:22

Ta hen! smile

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