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OT assessment on Tuesday, What to expect?

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Ineed2 Sun 14-Nov-10 18:17:44

Dd3[8] is having an OT assessment on Tuesday. They are coming to the house to do it because she said she didn't want anyone to go to school.

What sort of stuff will they be testing and what information are they likely to want from me.

Any information will be helpfulgrin.

LIZS Sun 14-Nov-10 19:04:42

If it is a first appointment the OT will ask you some history first ie about her birth and development, whether milestones have been met, illnesses, what issues you/school observe on a day to day basis etc then do some games and observe your dd. ds did something called the Movement Assessment Battery for Children (Movement ABC) and Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (VMI) which incorporates lots of tests dressed up as games and exercises for gross and fine motor skills which the OT will take away and analyse against an age calibrated scale - things like drawing figures, copying shapes and patterns, building towers of cubes, puzzles and reaction times.

Ineed2 Sun 14-Nov-10 19:45:03

Thankyou lizs, thats really helpful, they sound useful tests, fingers crossed we get something

Eveiebaby Sun 14-Nov-10 21:06:23

Hi Indeed thanks for posting this - DD has an assessment coming up in a couple of weeks and I was wondering how they would do the testing. My DD does not like doing drawings and puzzle and can be quite resistant so should be fun for us smile.
We had a questionairre sent through to fill in about dressing, feeding, toilet skills,vision, hearing, sensory issues, following instructions, interaction with other children etc.. plus pregnancy and birth issues. Not sure if you will get asked different questions and it said on our questionairre that it was for under fives.
Good luck with the appointment and let us know how it goes.

desertgirl Sun 14-Nov-10 21:06:25

oh this was useful, DS(4) has one tomorrow. I have a form to fill in about sensory stuff which I'm finding really difficult (what is 'immature behaviour' for a four year old? I don't know enough four year olds; how do I know if he doesn't like food because of the texture or because of the taste? etc) and have begun to feel about the appointment rather as I used to about exams.

Good luck Ineed

Eveiebaby Sun 14-Nov-10 21:11:36

I know desert it is difficult eg one of our questions is - my child attempts to brush their own teeth but I check - My DD is also four and I cannot imagine any 4 year old brushing their teeth thoroughly enough without them needing to be checked - but maybe I am wrong!!!

Ineed2 Mon 15-Nov-10 12:49:40

I was wondering if we should have had a questionairre, we had one for the SALT assessment but haven't had one for this.
Maybe they will bring one with them. I checked this morning to see if Dd3[8] can hop and she can ony do a couple of hops. She can't do jigsaws at all.

Oh well will just have to wait and see. I haven't told her yet but am hoping a morning off school will appeal to her.grin.

Eveiebaby Mon 15-Nov-10 20:23:41

Yes - sounds like they may bring it with them. They also gave me one to give to DD's school so they could get their opinions.

Ineed2 Mon 15-Nov-10 21:45:49

I am guessing they will send something to school although they will be wasting their time because school are completely unable to see any of Dd3's issueshmm.

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