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Please help me help my 8yo boy....

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Julezboo Sun 14-Nov-10 18:12:10

I am fairly certain he has dyspraxia. He is also diagnosed with dyslexia. He was born 9 weeks early but other than asthma which he has now grown out of he seems to have suffered no ill effects.

I am having trouble getting a referral to a consultant though.

If I list the points we have noticed maybe you you can help.

1. He never sleeps, I will put him to bed at 8pm, he will still be pissing about close to midnight. No matter what we do, reward him, shout at him, sit with him, he just will not sleep.

2. He eats like a hamster, this is a relatively new thing. It could take him 30 minutes to eat a small biscuit. Dinnertimes are a nightmare. He never gets through his lunch at school because he nibbles his food and doesnt have time to finish it.

3. He still cant tell time, tie laces, get his shoes on the right feet, often puts him clothes on back to front or inside out.

4. his memory is very poor. For example, each day he takes in the same items to school, bag, lunch box, drinks bottle. Every single day I have to send him back in for one or more items. On a few occasions hes told his teacher he has forgotten his lunchbox, only for it to be found. Letters never come home, because between his teacher givinghim them and walking to his bag he loses/gets distracted and it disappears. Another example. If Isay to him, go upstairs pleaseand get me me your school jumper, by the time he gets to the top of the stairs hes forgotten.

5. He does all usual naughty things kids do, but the most recent things is emptying the whole toilet roll into the toilet and blocking it (despite bing told off and punished for this 4 or 5 times within a week he did it again yesterday. Same for shampoo's/bath stuff, he tips them all into the toilet or bath, knowing full well he has been punished for this hours or days earlier.

6. His writing is very poor, still reception like, big, capital letters and no spaces.

7. He cant ever sit still, unless the TV is on and then he goes into a whole other world where we have to turn the TV off before he will answer us. Other times when TV is off he is constantly moving, legs, arms and hands flapping.

8. He is still at this age petrified of the hoover/toilet flushing/ bath draining noises and gets quite upset if we dont warn him.

9. He has been assessed by LEA and found to have dyslexia and poor auditory processing ability.

We are at the end of our tethers, I dont know what to do to help him sleep, he has nightlight and blanket still. I dont know what to do to stop him from doing the same naughty things over and over again. He is still like a baby in lots of ways, always spilling drinks or food down himself. I am getting genuinly worried about he he is going to cope with secondary school.

We have bought him easy grip pens, memory games are played with him, We bought him a crtain wii game to help him with his co0ordination but none of these things seem to be helping him. Parents evening last week was so sad I came away gutted, its a bit like they are saying, hes a boy, he has all his knowledge in his head and will happily talk for houra and hours if you askhim but he cannot/will not make that tranfer from his head to the paper. His books were very empty compared to other childrens books and I know we shouldnt have looked, but we did, we needed to know. He had like 2 or3 pages full from the beginning of september.

I dont know what to do or where to go from here. DH has suggester a tutor for his hand writing but tbh we cant afford it until April next year when Iam childminding again and have had this baby (DS3)

Can anyone offer any advice at all please? I will post this in behaviour and development as well

Ineed2 Sun 14-Nov-10 18:21:53

You should go to your Gp and ask for a referral to a paediatrician.

Make some notes or print what you wrote here, they like to see that you have evidence to back up what you are saying. I find a diary usful or just make notes with dates and times etc.

You know your child, if you are worried you should definatly seek help for him.

Good lucksmile

Shallishanti Sun 14-Nov-10 18:29:08

Lots of this sounds very like dyspraxia (my ds has it, and some of this is exactly him- as he was 4-5 yrs ago)you need a paed, definitely. One thing that helped us get things moving was to say that ds was stressed by his poor performance, esp as (like you describe) he had plenty of ideas etc. The emotional aspect seemed to really make people take notice.

Julezboo Sun 14-Nov-10 21:01:10

Thank you both, i will write it down and see GP again, thats a good idea, im a bit of a hormonal wreck atm !!

mariagoretti Sun 14-Nov-10 21:23:10

While you're there see if GP will fill in an occ therapy referral form. Our local ones don't advertise to the GPs that they can refer... But they put the referral form on the NHS trust website so you can just print it and take it along to the dr!

madwomanintheattic Mon 15-Nov-10 02:03:39

yep, ask for referral to developmental paed and then for ot.
he sounds v like my friend's boy who's a bit dyspraxic, a bit 'true' attention deficit (rather than specifically hyperactive, although he has a bit of that going on too).

but then he also sounds a bit like my son, who's also 8, and i can't work out whether all 8yo boys leave everything at school, always... (my ds has had a few labels suggested, but not been assessed - adhd, as,asd,odd... hmm it's difficult to work out what is normal 8yo boy stuff and drives you crazy, and what can be helped with some strategies...)
ot was v helpful for friend's ds though.
(dd2 has cp - we love our ot as well)

Lauree Mon 15-Nov-10 22:23:10

I'm no way an expert in this stuff, but these sprang to mind when I read your post...
somewhere on here there are instructions on how to make your own if you think it might help.
weighted blankets

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