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Groundhog day

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IndigoBell Sat 13-Nov-10 20:53:57

Anyone else feel they're living in groundhog day?

Anyone know what I have to do to escape it?

TheArsenicCupCake Sat 13-Nov-10 21:06:00

and no

in that order... I was moaning to my mum about ot today!

dammitjannette Sat 13-Nov-10 21:19:05

Anyone else feel they're living in groundhog day?

Anyone know what I have to do to escape it?

dammitjannette Sat 13-Nov-10 21:20:58

You will have to guess who, but have namechanged again after last week.

Hoping stark likes this name better.YES!! I was just saying that today too.

I'm thinking HE at the moment would make my life my own again.

Isn't that odd? Most parents think school gives them a bit of their life back. I think it has stolen mine.

TheArsenicCupCake Sat 13-Nov-10 21:28:10

Damn.. That makes perfect sense!

auntevil Sat 13-Nov-10 21:32:21

I have thought about just taping myself 1 day - then playing it each and every day. I say the same things at the same times. I could then perhaps sit in the kitchen and have a nice leisurely morning and let the tape do all the work? The alternative being my 3 year old NT DS parrot. So good at his parroting skills that he can even say "Jesus DS evil 1" under his breath in a desperate tone that i have almost become superfluous.

Al1son Sun 14-Nov-10 00:05:24

Can it be groundhog day if you haven't been to bed? Just checking because it's midnight and DD2 (7) is still awake.

moosemama Sun 14-Nov-10 12:52:05

I couldn't believe it when I saw this thread, as that is exacty what I say to dh on a regular basis. I am stuck in Groundhog Day.

For me, I only feel better if I get to do at least one different thing a week. Even for just a short time. Most weeks I don't get the chance, but if I can get just half an hour to myself to do something I want to do - even if its just walk around the block without a child attached to me, it does help.

I find I am better in the spring and summer, as I take the chance to go out walking every day, either while the dcs are at school or after they are in bed and it really helps.

Unfortunately, since breaking my ankle in June this year I haven't been walking once and am suffering both mentally and physically as a result (one and a half stone heavier shock).

moosemama Sun 14-Nov-10 12:53:08

Al1son, I feel your pain, ds1 (8) was on the sofa with us at midnight last night as well. hmm

Al1son Sun 14-Nov-10 13:27:49

Moosemamma I wish I had a good excuse to put weight on. I just comfort eat chocolate too much. I hope your ankle improves soon.

I decided to drag DD2 to bed about 12.30 under protest and when I got up there I found DD1 still awake too. She'd been pottering around her bedroom so quietly we hadn't heard her. I think I was the first one to sleep last night in our house.

Here's to an earlier night tonight in both households tonight, otherwise I'll have to confess to DD2's teacher again and be greeted by the cat's bum face again.

moosemama Sun 14-Nov-10 16:17:26

Our night just got worse, ds was 'glutened' at a sleepover party on Friday night/morning and ended up with cramps, diarrhoea and much throwing up after we put him back to bed.

So, not much sleep was had by anyone last night and then dd (who is 21 months old) decided that the last time ds was sick (5.30 am) was a good time to wake up and start the day.

Ds1 has spent the day resting in bed, watching dvds and reading and he looks a lot better. Dh and I, on the other hand, look (and feel) like a pair of zombies.

moosemama Sun 14-Nov-10 16:22:03

Oh and my weight gain is mostly down to chocolate comforting eating too, made worse by not being able to walk it off. I don't seem to be able to relax in the evenings until I've had some chocolate.

My ankle is much better and just about fit for me to start walking again. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been the best for encouraging off my backside and out for walks recently. I seem to be having a major willpower failure on both the chocolate and exercise fronts at the moment. blush

DJAngel Sun 14-Nov-10 17:24:21

We use that saying lots in our house as the day begins with dd screaming as well.. It's exactly like that isn't it.

We had another bad night as well last night. Made much worse by the fact that we had grandma to stay while we went next door for drinks. Such a rare occurrence that freedom went to my head and got quite drunk! Dealing with dd puking up with raging temp 2 hours after I went to sleep was not fun. She seems to have yet another chest/ear infection combo! Oh joy.. Been stuck on sofa with her all day watching cbeebies trying to keep eyes open. I said to dh earlier that it's just not worth trying to have a life outside of dd's needs.

So in answer to your question, Indigo, yes know what you mean but no clue yet about how to change it..

Pass the chocolate that always helps!

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