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Reins for an older child

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maddiemo Mon 19-Sep-05 13:36:46

I am sure I saw a set of reins suitable for and older child(6+}. I thought they were a bit more grown up, like a rucksack on the back with a rein coming from the pack?

I have looked on the Crelling site but there is no picture of their reins available.

Any one know of this?

Miaou Mon 19-Sep-05 13:39:43

Jimjams has some reins for her ds1 - she might know about the product you're looking for

Jimjams Mon 19-Sep-05 14:50:09

I think that's toddler sized. I know the one you mean- it's in one of the baby catalogues. Crelling you have pics (but they don't do that).

maddiemo Mon 19-Sep-05 16:01:25

Thanks. I am really surprised how little choice there is.
Shame the back pack one isn't available to older children.

BusyMummy123 Wed 17-May-17 22:46:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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