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bubbles22 Fri 12-Nov-10 12:09:45

Grrr, what a week.

Some of you may know that I have name changed and why so I won't repeat all the history.

DS is awaiting a statementing decision. School are offering no provision. They are sympathetic and helpful but are quite clear that he 'looks ok' to them and that they have other pressing needs - e.g. kids who can't read or write.

I have suspected that this was the case for the last two years but it was at least articulated to me by the head today.

I saw an open lesson with DS this week and he was all over the place - lying on the floor at circle time, chewing his laces, not listening. It was difficult for the teacher to manage in front of parents, but it was clear that there is no 'system' in place to do this.

Of course, school say they have never seen him be like this before. But he has hypermobility and sensory problems and it is quite from all the reports that this is how he is. It's not just us, it's constitutional to him. He might not be that bad all the time, but there is no way he is not like that some of the time.

He also lashed out at a friend on the same day and scratched him.

To me, knowing him, and having read all the reports, it is clearly a case of him getting more stressed and having no support to 'manage' problems.

I have told school that I am happy to pick him up early or let him do half days and they are ok with that but the head still says 'but we couldn't call you to pick him up as we think he looks ok all the time, we just don't see it'

Oh and 'lots of boys get in to scraps at this age'.

I have tried to explain that this maybe put he has AS and it's not likely to change without help.

What can you do when all the reports say you need to put x,y and z and school say 'let's see if he gets a statement'

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