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Dyspraxic son to be assessed

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homeagain Wed 10-Nov-10 14:38:05

Have just moved back to England from Ireland where we've been for 15 years. Our eldest son (9)was diagnosed as dyspraxic and he was getting some extra hours help at school, and seemed to be making good progress. In Ireland he was in Year 2, which was the right year for his age. When we arrived in England he was put in Year 5; I'm pretty unhappy about this as he has learning difficulties, has come from a different educational system and is very young (birthday at the very end of July). He's to be assessed in a couple of weeks by school psychologist. In the meantime the school have shown us their report where they say that they haven't assessed him but that he's probably at least three years behind. I can't believe it's that bad. I'm sure he is behind, but he's a really good and keen reader, with a fabulous imagination. Not great at writing or maths, but I can't believe that most 6 year olds in England are at his level. Does anyone have experience of this sort of thing??

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