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how do i change ds2's motability vehicle?

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anonandlikeit Tue 09-Nov-10 22:42:22

ds2' lease period is up soon, we want to go for a completly different make & model. Our current one was from a ford dealer, so how does the transition work?
Will i be left without a car??
Thanks wise ladies

2shoes Tue 09-Nov-10 22:51:03

we started of with a nisan, then had a vauxhal and now have a renault all from different dealers.
we never had a break,
if I remember right you start the change over a while before the end of the lease, with The MOT and inspection. I think that is the time you talk to them about the new car.

anonandlikeit Tue 09-Nov-10 22:53:36

Thanks 2 shoes, can you remember if they contact you or do I need to contact them?

anonandlikeit Tue 09-Nov-10 22:55:02

relief to know theres no break, i rely on the car to get ds2 everywhere, including school & back each day

sarah293 Wed 10-Nov-10 08:04:34

Message withdrawn

2shoes Wed 10-Nov-10 08:16:02

I would contact them now. better to do it too soon iynwim

anonandlikeit Wed 10-Nov-10 17:06:52

really, i'll give them a call tomorow. We don't need a WAV as ds2 uses a foldable manual chair, just a big boot & we are going for a 7 seater, so we can take an extra pair of hands with us sometimes.

Now to search for a 7 seater with low advance payment.

myra Wed 10-Nov-10 20:28:28

there can be hold ups in the delivery of new cars.
my first mobility car in 1978 was on 28th may ,garrys[4th] birthday, got a new one every three years from then due to delays here and there in delivery i picked up the new qashqui 2 days till the end of august.this year. delivery was supposed to be 14 july. thankfully you keep the existing car till delivery.


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