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How do you stop yourself going insane when they're in hospital?

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PixieOnaLeaf Sun 07-Nov-10 14:29:57

Message withdrawn

IndigoBell Sun 07-Nov-10 14:34:53

hope you hear good news soon.

IndigoBell Sun 07-Nov-10 14:36:09

God sorry. Obviously that was meant to be a sad face not a happy one.

bigcar Sun 07-Nov-10 14:51:09

hope she's ok sad

ShadeofViolet Sun 07-Nov-10 14:52:51

Hope she is okay - I dont have any advice because I would be rubbish too.

Hope you hear something soon.

WhizzBangPhlebas Sun 07-Nov-10 14:53:27

Oh god I don't know, I'd be petrified

Is the hospital close to you?

Can we offer a virtual hand to hold?

lisad123isgoingcrazy Sun 07-Nov-10 14:53:41

keep busy hope shes ok.

sleepysox Sun 07-Nov-10 14:57:32

Sorry to hear about your DD. HOpe she gets better soon.

My tip is to do something special for them either for while they're in hospital or for when they get home.

I've written a dragon story involving my DS1, which I'm going to give him when his brother is in hospital, as we'll be away from him with DS2 for 2 weeks. DS2 is only 1, but as your DD is older, she might appreciate something special and homemade from you for while she's in hospital. YOu could read it to her in installments.


Also, you could try and focus on planning nice family things you can do together. Keep your mind busy with happy things, things that you could actually do when your family are back together. It's hard not to keep dwelling on bad stuff, but if you can push the awful thoughts out from your head for a short while, I alwasy think it gives your mind a break. This works for me. I'm convinced something terrible is going to happen to DS2 during his op in December, but I'm trying to focus on a family holiday and each night I try and go through what we'll do each day on our holiday and sometimes it does actually keep the nightmares at bay.

Hope this waffle makes sense.
Hope your DD is OK.
I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted.

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 07-Nov-10 15:19:37

Message withdrawn

lisad123isgoingcrazy Sun 07-Nov-10 15:22:29

has ythis ever happened before? do they know what it is? hope you hear soon, waiting is the hard part.

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 07-Nov-10 15:31:02

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 07-Nov-10 15:33:38

Message withdrawn

WhizzBangPhlebas Sun 07-Nov-10 15:40:16

How long is it since the ambulance left? Is it worth calling to see if they've arrived & assessed her? Will your dh call you with news?

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 07-Nov-10 15:45:23

Message withdrawn

cory Sun 07-Nov-10 15:50:32

Very sorry to hear this, Pixie, all best wishes.

Smallmonkfish Sun 07-Nov-10 16:04:02

How awful Pixie. Really hope you get good news asap.

If DD is likely to be admitted and as she was taken off in such a rush, could you pack her a really nice overnight bag with her favourite toys and some treats, even a little note from you?

I may be talking gibberish, feel free to ignore, I just hope all works out ok.

snowmash Sun 07-Nov-10 16:05:21

Thinking of you and yours, Pixie, particularly DD2.

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 07-Nov-10 16:19:19

Message withdrawn

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 07-Nov-10 16:19:39

Message withdrawn

WhizzBangPhlebas Sun 07-Nov-10 16:22:38

Oh (((Pixie))) I'm glad you've had some news. Very best wishes to your dd.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 07-Nov-10 16:31:41

Pixie Blimey, have a hug (((())))) (don't do those much). I glad she's not in immediate danger now and hope there's much improvement very soon.

I don't know how you do it TBH. When dd has been in hospital I have to be there, I just fail to function otherwise. dh doesn't cope well at the hospital so it makes sense that we do it the other way around; I go, he stays here or follows on. Is dd still on her pump?

snowmash Sun 07-Nov-10 16:44:15

(((((Pixie))))) I hope your dd picks up soon, and good to hear that she's in the right place for treatment...

Hugs to your DH too - hard for everyone.

sarah293 Sun 07-Nov-10 16:45:04

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 07-Nov-10 16:46:01

Message withdrawn

unfitmother Sun 07-Nov-10 16:47:20

I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope you're all OK. sad

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