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woolytree Sat 06-Nov-10 08:48:53

Has anyone used them? How was it? What did it cost? What are the benefits?

woolytree Sat 06-Nov-10 12:18:52


StarkAndWitchesWillFindYou Sat 06-Nov-10 17:31:13

£1600 I was quoted for a 2 day assessment in their school.

troublewithtalk Sat 06-Nov-10 18:18:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissTired Sat 06-Nov-10 18:55:15

i looked into the o0ne near us (nottinghamshire) and still may use them, got to wait on la's next revised statement before tribunal!! if thats no good im having the 2 day assessment at ican, we went to talk to them they seemed great, its free if you are on certain benefits too!

woolytree Sat 06-Nov-10 21:51:02

Thanks for the replies.

Do they do home visits? Id heard that somewhere???

MissTired Sun 07-Nov-10 07:45:21

i think they can visit the child outside of their school but im not sure, we didnt discuss that much as needed it for statementing so a school environment was really what we would need. if you ring up dawn house in rainworth, not far from mansfield (where i live ) they are very helpful on the phone and will chat to you about it all without you having to decide

goingroundthebend4 Sun 07-Nov-10 07:48:00


Think you might be mixing the home visit stuff with Bibic

I'm another one who went to Ican after hearing trouble with talks story and They was fantastic their reports are why ds now has a place in the speech unit he is in now .Even Lea rolled over when saw the reports knew not worth fighting them

They dx ds with speech disorders report was hard to read as was very specfic and bit heartbreaking but confirmed what I knew but did mention postive strengths to

oh and best bit is as there all qualified proffesionals and use recognised forms of testing .Their words carry lot of weight

ShadeofViolet Sun 07-Nov-10 09:24:49

Its something I have looked into ( we live near the Nottinghamshire one too) and like MissTired I have spoken to them on the telephone and they are lovely.

I am still thinking about it - I was quoted £1600 too for the two day assessment, but from what I have read on here it would be worth it to help towards his statement.

woolytree Mon 08-Nov-10 10:35:00

Id better get saving up!

I think I may have been confusing it with Bibic. blush Has anyone used them?

Im just weighing up options really.

MissTired Mon 08-Nov-10 17:44:04

i do know that although you get assessment free on certain benefits they have like a sliding scale so even if you dont qualify for it all paid they may pay some!

woolytree Mon 08-Nov-10 21:58:49

Thanks MissTired, were not on benefits but ill look into it.

Do Cerebra still do the SALT vouchers???...Ill look.

MissTired Mon 08-Nov-10 22:33:32

hopefully you would get some help anyway x

goingroundthebend4 Tue 09-Nov-10 14:12:44

i used Bibic in teh early days just to get a better idea of where ds strength and weakness lies

But for statement stuff no i used ican reports ,Bibic tends to be looked down by so called proffesionals in teh Lea where Ican are all fully qualified staff so their reports carry weight

Though saying that I know a lot of people have found Bibic very helpfull especially in teh areas of ASD

woolytree Tue 09-Nov-10 15:43:16

So tough to know what to do!

So far I know:

-Move schools as they arent good enough with SEN and everything is a long battle.
-Use Inclusion/Autism Outreach/PP and anyone else I can to get support in school.
-Continue with NHS SALT, Psych and Paed but expect little and not very often.
-Implement advised supports at home visuals/SALT/Social stories/practise communication.
-when unsure ask MN!

I dont know:

-If to use Bibic or go directly to private SALT, therapists assesments or save up for ican...(all depending on DLA too )
-when or if to apply for a statement, DDs ASD issues are managable in MS with support her S&L and social development are our main concern...Im trying to find out about language units etc and gather evidence should we need a statement to access a unit.
-I hear Early intervention so often now all I hear is the clock ticking and know we need to decide what to do (DD is 5).

I see some aspects of DD getting worse/becoming more apparent and some progress...mainly at home.

Excuse me while I ramble and use MN boards to clear my jumbled brains.

goingroundthebend4 Tue 09-Nov-10 16:04:02

ican are very good around s&l issues and are used to dealing with dc that are on or have asd traits.

Maybe give them a call and have a chat that part does not cost anything

blueShark Tue 09-Nov-10 16:24:36

To access any kind of unit you will need a statement but some language units do not admit children with ASD.

I dont think ican do home visits, you will need to take your DD to their nearest school for a 2 days assessment.

Private SALT - unless someone really recommends you one and one that is experienced with ASD issues I will not spend my money on that.

I have heard some very positive things about ican being great even for ASD speech delays and is def on my list after the AIT and engage ABA.

sugarcandymonster Tue 09-Nov-10 17:12:01

It's worth getting in touch with both ICAN and BIBIC now even if you're not sure about the financial side - they had a waiting list of several months for us.

BIBIC's assessment was accepted by our LA EP and by our SEND tribunal and I don't think it was looked down on by them, but the school was a bit useless at implementing their recommendations. ICAN's report was invaluable for our tribunal though.

The ICAN OT mainly looked at gross/fine motor skills so they didn't pick up on a lot of sensory-related problems with DS. BIBIC was more useful with sensory/balance skills.

The only concern I'd have with ICAN is that they do assessments but not on-going therapy, so if you're planning to get a private SALT anyway it might be better to get an assessment from them rather than take your child to the ICAN SALT and then get therapy from somewhere else, especially if your child struggles with meeting new people.

Also, if you're looking at statementing/appeals, you can use an ICAN report for a tribunal but I don't think they're available to be a witness. If you end up appealing it would be better to find a SALT/OT who is experienced in appearing at tribunals and writing reports geared to an appeal. But it sounds like that might be a while off for you yet. smile

goingroundthebend4 Tue 09-Nov-10 17:20:55

Nohome visits as your d. Will attendthe school for 2 days so as well as assements individual will also look at coping in class and with other dc .

First day went ds went of with ta while had chat with teCher salt and therapist the had look round school and left picked ds up 3,pm

Second day dropped him of and went shopping then came back for 2,30 while ds and dd was looked after had verbal feedback meeting which was sad but very good confirmed what I knew but knew meant I would have proof for lea

was told by lea as ds had GDD was not suitable for speech unit but report showed he was and he is now in speech unt run by former I can teacher

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