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The mobility element of disability living allowance for those in residential care will be abolished, saving £135m by 2014-15.

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sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 07:13:21

Message withdrawn

shaz298 Thu 21-Oct-10 08:18:57

Totally agree!

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 08:32:12

Message withdrawn

nymphadora Thu 21-Oct-10 08:35:54

So the councils will end up funding transport then? Assuming most councils run the homes or pay for them. Those councils that have had their budgets slashed?

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 08:49:24

Message withdrawn

nymphadora Thu 21-Oct-10 08:54:06

I have worked in a couple riven all depended which staff were on shift, some were v much in that vein. I was one of the saturdaynightinthelocalplayingpool staff. Used to work with a bloke who liked to work his way through the shorts , one of the supervisors bollocked me for 'letting' him have more than one ( in 4 hours!)

Davros Thu 21-Oct-10 09:16:14

DS is out and about a lot and treated well by the staff who not only respect him but many love him. My problem is that he is on a 44 week placement, so do I not have the use of a Blue Badge, congestion charge exemption, motability car etc when he is home? how soon will it happen?

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 09:26:51

Message withdrawn

bigcar Thu 21-Oct-10 09:52:11

tis crap, shame most people don't realise 'residential care' doesn't just apply to the older section of the community. Residential schools will be badly hit.

poppyknot Thu 21-Oct-10 13:16:11

This seems to have gone under the radar for most commentators but on Newnight Scotland the interviewer (our own Jeremy Paxman lite) asked the panel about this.

Lib Dem - oh but they would have access to other means-tested benefits (eh?)

SNP (I think by process of elimination as I missed the beginning) - Vindictive!

Labour - Wiffly waffle.

And then they ran out of time.... sad

I heard someone else say something along the lines of 'Oh they can be taken out by the staff' - shock

I think I heard GO say in the statement that it was bringing it in line with those who spent time in hospital!

And apparently it applies to those who pay for their care not those in private residential homes.

So much for dignity and protection.........

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 14:10:06

Message withdrawn

ThePumpkinofDoomandTotalChaos Thu 21-Oct-10 15:58:10

yep, it's crap and unfair and v.damaging to those in Davros' position.

5andahead Thu 21-Oct-10 18:24:25

This is crap. My SIL uses her mobility money towards a car which me and DH drive for her to get to different places every week. Without this she can't get out taxi prices are ridiculous around here for wheelchair users (fare and a half). She will be housebound when this cut is made sad.

2shoeprintsintheblood Thu 21-Oct-10 18:31:55

I saw this and was shocked
so if dd goes into residential at some stage, she can never come home, or go out unless on a trip!!!

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 18:43:21

Message withdrawn

2shoeprintsintheblood Thu 21-Oct-10 18:44:55

this might help you feel better

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 18:50:41

Message withdrawn

2shoeprintsintheblood Thu 21-Oct-10 18:53:43

i notice it has hardly had a mention on mn
oh yes cos it only affects people like us

sarah293 Thu 21-Oct-10 18:59:29

Message withdrawn

2shoeprintsintheblood Thu 21-Oct-10 19:01:47

well at the moment some of it doesn't affect "me" but it will do as time goes by, and even if I was rich, I still wouldn't want to see a disabled person imprisoned because of these cuts.

donkeyderby Thu 21-Oct-10 22:12:26

I am confused.

I wouldn't expect to retain the DLA myself if DS went into residential care. I would however, want it to remain being paid to him, and to be able to access it for journeys where we take him out or where he wants to go and see his bands and needs a carer and/or a taxi. I would expect to access more if we have a shared care arrangement, though my social worker says this does not exist in adult LD's (WHY THE FUCK NOT? is question for another time)

What benefits will people in residential care still get? Income Support? Incapacity benefit? Attendance Allowance? Are the residential homes able to get their hands on any of their benefits or is it purely for spending money?

saintlydamemrsturnip Thu 21-Oct-10 22:32:19

:buries head in sand:

Although they've shut the one resi place I would have happily sent ds1 to (it was very good so £££££'s so SS fought people wanting to go there) so god only knows what we will do in 7 or 8 years :eeeek:

sphil Thu 21-Oct-10 22:42:47

I need to talk to you about your thoughts/plans Saintly - perhaps on email?
Want to pick your brains about what to look for.

sarah293 Fri 22-Oct-10 07:35:38

Message withdrawn

saintlydamemrsturnip Fri 22-Oct-10 11:24:22

feel free sphil although I will probably just reply :wibble:. UNfortunately there's bugger all out there for adults at the moment.

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