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Quick PECS symbol help

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r3dh3d Wed 15-Sep-10 11:38:54

Help help help.

Am getting ready for PECS. Would like to use the same symbol set as school - asked school which symbol set they use, they said "Makaton". They have sent me home a bunch of examples and I'm pretty sure they aren't Makaton or anything like it. (I don't think school have the faintest idea what they are using.) They're less abstract and they're coloured. Have had a quick shuftie and they're not boardmaker either. I can't go about spending £££££££ on buying an assortment of symbol sets till I hit the right one by accident. Any ideas what else I can google?

I have symbols for TV, toilet, breakfast, dress, wash, clean teeth. If it helps, TV is an old fashioned television with 3 buttons, the top one is red.

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 11:42:05

I don't know which ones school might be using, sorry. Have you looked at the do2learn site? They have a lot of symbols.

I used communicate in print for symbols, but not sure how widely used that is. Can look when I get home to see if that might be it, though.

2shoes Wed 15-Sep-10 12:07:20

I have checked all my software and none have the TV you describe(PCCS, CCS OR BOARD MAKER)

r3dh3d Wed 15-Sep-10 12:09:31

I wonder if they're using more than one? Grr.

Is widgit different to boardmaker? I think the "clean teeth" symbol might be widgit.

The problem is - obviously cos they don't want you nicking stuff off the website - that you can't preview this stuff before you buy to check it's the right set. It's infuriating!

2shoes Wed 15-Sep-10 12:13:31

I know that dd's school use a mixture,
gets a bit of a pain as I can't get the same stuff they use all the time.
Boardmaker uses PCS I think.

2shoes Wed 15-Sep-10 12:15:05

had a look on here and think I found the tv you are talking about

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 12:16:58

widgit is Communicate in print.

Just had a look, and the TV symbol on CinP is all grey, square box type, with rounded corners to the screen, 3 buttons on right hand side, top one is red - sound familiar?

will just check cleaning teeth, hold on.

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 12:18:56

"brush teeth" brings up a red-lipped wide grinning mouth, with a blue toothbrush touching the teeth, and a bit of hand clutching the toothbrush.

places do mix and match, unfortunately.

r3dh3d Wed 15-Sep-10 12:23:27

That's it that's it that's it! I wonder if they are all the same set?

Can you purlease check:
- "dress" (stickman wearing blue trousers, holding green shirt, blue jumper on floor, arrow from jumper to stickman)
- "breakfast" (green bowl of cereal to left of/touching plain blue cereal packet)
- "soap" (indented bar of yellow/orange soap with many bubbles below, above 2 bubbles on left, 3 on right)
- "toilet" (2-d picture of white loo, grey seat, yellow cistern, orange flush)
- "wash" (stickman in profile holding blue flannel over yellow sink)

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 12:27:48

yes, they are all the ones found in CinP.

Mine is version 2, no idea if that is still the current one (got ours oooh, maybe 3 years ago?)

r3dh3d Wed 15-Sep-10 12:40:01

Well, the CIP 2 is the current version of the software according to the website. But it seems to work with different symbol sets and they give you free updates of each one so there's no saying what version of the symbols you or school are on. [sigh]. Anyhoo, at least I have a manufacturer, which is huge progress. Makaton my arse!

Interestingly, they seem to do a VI symbol set which I think would be best for DD1 - so question is given they have the software, would school go for buying a copy of the symbols, or would I have to print everything they wanted at home and send it in?

Hmm. <creaking sound as r3d engages dusty brain>

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 12:46:18

I am not sure I have updated any of my symbols at all.

Have to sya, just this morning while checking symbols, the programme has crashed every 5 mins or so. BUT my computer would appear to be giving up the ghost anyway, so it could be that, I suppose.

Not sure how the upgrades work - I haven't really had to use it much for dd1 at all (we aborted PECS quite early on, as she is very verbal, and she was just stimming with the cards)

Having had a quick look, I think you would need to have CinP2 first, as the software, before getting the VI symbols, iyswim?

and I would press for school to get them, tbh. If it is a need for your dd, then they should be providing it. Any whisper form you that you have your own resources, and they will be getting you to do all the printing/laminating/sorting.

They should be giving you access to a computer and/or printing out duplicates of any you need for home as a standard, and meeting resonable requests form you for extra symbols you may need.

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 12:48:03

If I could find the software, you would eb welcome to it, btw. But I suspect you need it quicker than I will be able to unearth the CD in the bombsite I laughingly refer to as my house grin.

I have moved 3 times since I installed it, and so really have no idea where the CD actually is...

r3dh3d Wed 15-Sep-10 12:54:07

lol, your house is like mine, then... the only free surface to use the laminator is the office chair in my sewing room. blush

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 13:00:40

yep, have fond memories of using a couple of books to stand the laminator on to get stuff for dd1... blush blush

in my defence, usually the worktops/tables are piled up with htings that I snaffle out of dd1's hands as she swoops past "oh no you don't, mummy have that" - she is so tall now she can reach most places... so i have a continual stream of stuff to take off her and pile up elsewhere!

silverfrog Wed 15-Sep-10 13:02:13

I'll have a quick hunt around this afternoon, btw. If I do find it, you really are welcome to it. you might have to sort a new licence, but that would be far cheaper, surely?

I haven't opened the programme in about 18 months, i don't think, judging by the last document I made up!

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