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School issue allergy advice.

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Willmum Fri 10-Sep-10 17:17:50

My son started preschool on Tuesday. He has severe allergies to wheat and nuts among others. He also has other issues (no dx) but delayed develpment in some areas, s&l problems, etc etc. He was seeing portage before he started pre shcool and has seen/is seeing ed phys, salt ot etc.
Beacuse of this we had a meeting with all his relavent people! (organised by ed phys) in July prior to him starting, at this meeting his allergies were dicussed (and documented) amongst other things. My husband also attened an induction prior to this and completed a form clearly stating his allergies. Additionally I have supplied hospital advice on what to do if he has a reaction.
So take him on his first day. Go early to collect him to dicuss the epipens he's recently been given to be told he'd been given a wheat biscuits by mistake at breaktime.
The head said there hadn't been time to brief the staff!Also they said it was fine as he'd had no reation. (which never happens). He was in another nappy when he came home (one of theirs) which wouldn't surprise me as typically he either throws up or has the runs very rapidly.
I was beyond livid and its taken me till now to calm down a bit about it but I just feel I need to do something about it. I am waiting to hear from the la about whether they will do a statutory assessment and wonder wetheR I should write to the school to document it if nothing else.

IndigoBell Fri 10-Sep-10 17:39:59

How awful for you

There are 2 issues here: 1) they gave your son something he is allergic to and 2) they said he had no reaction - ie didn't communicate properly with you.

I would state both issues very clearly in a letter to the HT and ask for an appointment straight away to discuss.

But this is absolutely terrible.

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