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Lou031205 - we moved to P in early july and sooo happy!

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newlife4us Thu 02-Sep-10 10:13:31

You replied to several of my threads earlier this year when we were having a nightmare!

We moved a couple of months ago and feel like a different person.

The new school is fantastic and so supportive of DD. Meeting with SENCO on first morning and two weeks later they'd applied for ed pysche to assess DD - they think she needs one-to-one so i'm not going mad! Her teacher is lovely and as are the children - a few days after starting the new school DD told her class what was wrong with her - they hugged her and said they were really proud of her!

Had appointment with new consultant who organised for DD to have 24 hour eeg (done two weeks ago) and have a lovely epilepsy nurse.

I feel like i can actually start living again rather than constantly battling for help.

I hope your DD is doing ok.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 02-Sep-10 10:32:57

Message withdrawn

Lougle Thu 02-Sep-10 16:04:28

That is such excellent news, Newlife4us. I am so glad for you! Do you go to the W hospital? We have Dr W, who is fab, but I know there are a number of paeds who deal with epilepsy and the like. Dr F is very good also.

newlife4us Tue 30-Nov-10 14:27:23

Lougle - sorry i'd used your old name and even more sorry it's taken me so long to have come back to you!! Our internet connection seems to be down more than it's up, which is proving to be a pain.

We go to QA who are fab. DS's seizures have reduced substantially - now one per week rather than the 30 a day and consultants at GOSH and QA think she may be growing out of it - yipee! Am not getting too excited yet though. She still has her other health issues and learning difficulties. Consultants are thinking there may have been an element of stress caused by last school which increased her number of seizures. Am keeping my fingers crossed that she continues with the fewer seizures.

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