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camhs referal

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pokhara Wed 11-Aug-10 22:32:33

I think we (ds and I) realy need some more input from camhs as his behaviour has got worse, 2 years ago we were refered to local chicc team within camhs, and went on a mellow parenting course, but wasnt really helpful as he didnt speak at all then and certainly didnt understand anything i said. after the 3 month course that was the end of chicc team and camhs.
so question is can i self refer, or does the paed do it or any other way. Its the only next step i can see at the moment as i cannot go on like ths anymore, he is only 4 but size of 7 year old and although its hurts me physically when he thumps and kicks and batters me it hurting me more inside that my own flesh and blood would react to me like this.

thanks so much

TheArsenicCupCake Wed 11-Aug-10 22:42:43

In our area unless you are on a fast track system, you need to get referred by pead or gp .

MojoLost Thu 12-Aug-10 05:20:06

bumping for you, good luck! (read your other post)

pinkfluffysheep Thu 12-Aug-10 12:59:18

In my area you need a referral also, however the waiting lists are so long that it is likely to take a while to get some extra support.

Ds(aged 7) was re-referred in Oct last year but it wasn't until he was suicidal with a pair of scissors to his throat in school in Feb that he was put on the 'urgent' list, which was still four weeks waiting.

Try to get to your gp as soon as you can, the keep going back to hurry the referral along.

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