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Who up North want's to check out This Place?

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StarlightMcKenzie Wed 04-Aug-10 21:51:05

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 05-Aug-10 10:42:48

Message withdrawn

glittery Thu 05-Aug-10 13:58:51

maybe repost it with Lancashire in it? i looked at it but im too far up north! lol

silverfrog Thu 05-Aug-10 14:17:09

oh, if only you'd asked a couple of weeks ago - I was up that way for a wedding!

In fact, as we couldn't sort babysitting, we debated whether dh and dds should come (were originally booked in, but child-free wedding) and we reckoned since there was not much around for them to do in the day, they'd be better at home! If only we'd known...

wasuup3000 Thu 05-Aug-10 22:53:23

Its in a sure start place, not so far from me but not somewhere we would frequent (not into sure start). Theres a better one in Preston I believe.

wasuup3000 Thu 05-Aug-10 22:57:37

justaboutblowingbubbles Thu 05-Aug-10 23:00:14

Message withdrawn

wasuup3000 Thu 05-Aug-10 23:05:46

This seems an interesting website at a quick flick through

hairyclaireyfairy Fri 06-Aug-10 00:47:56

The space centre in Preston is fantastic, we recently had ds 9th birthday party there.
Cost £40 per hour but you can have a maximum of 25 people, we booked for 2 hours and it cost £60 less than dd birthday party at a mainstream soft play area.
Would recommend this place, they do book up early though as it is very popular.

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