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I met a mom today

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jayzmummy Sat 20-Aug-05 19:05:23

and her son is severley Autistic. She was at
a local fayre fundraising to go to America to attend training with the Son Rise project.

J and her son sat looking at each other for ages and began to interact.

I was next to her selling my cards and raising money for BIBIC.

During our quiet times we managed to have a good natter and got on really well. She also home educates and we started chatting about how difficult it is to get out and about....that frineds are far and family around to help out and support etc etc etc

We have arranged to meet up and have a coffee next week....DH got on with her hubby...they have lots in common...same interest etc.

DS1 teamed up with her DS1 to have a go at some of the events being held.

Somehow I think we will be seeing lots of one another because we just seemed to fit together very comfortably.

Donbean Sat 20-Aug-05 19:12:07

isnt it so great when this happens!
I have met some of my very good and close friends this way.
These people are like gold dust, you almost feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders dont you just because they actually "get you" and understand without you having to explain in any shape or form.

anniebear Sat 20-Aug-05 20:00:30

Thats brilliant.

It's really great to meet some one who 'understands'

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