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Hi I'm new here

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mashed Sat 20-Aug-05 00:19:20

Just a note to say hi to every one and no doubt I will be back soon to ask for some advice concerning my lovely grandson...he has asd

Love mashedxx

Littlestarsweeper Sat 20-Aug-05 00:23:02

Hi mashed, welcome to mn i dont usually frequent the special needs threads but no doubt you will find many other threads interesting. speak to you soon.

newscot Sat 20-Aug-05 04:55:41

Hi mashed, my DD (5) also has ASD. How are you and the family feeling about it all? You daughter or son are lucky they have such an obviously loving and caring gran.

RnB Sat 20-Aug-05 17:39:49

Message withdrawn

Davros Sat 20-Aug-05 18:36:54

Welcome Mashed. I've got a 10 year old DS with autism and a 2.5 year old NT DD.

jayzmummy Sat 20-Aug-05 18:39:30

Hi Mashed and welcome.
Im mom to J, 9 and has ASD and DS1, 11 NT and slowly becoming more "Kevin" like as the days go on!!

PeachyClair Sat 20-Aug-05 18:41:01

Hi Mashed. I have a 5 year old with Aspergers (plus two younger boys, one with hearing loss and one totally NT) , I would be SO glad if their grandparents would accept his diagnosis and I think your family is very lucky to have you. Welcome!

coppertop Sun 21-Aug-05 12:13:28

Welcome to mumsnet and the SN board.

I have 2 boys with ASD. Ds1 is 5yrs and ds2 is 2.6yrs.

leesax Sun 21-Aug-05 20:08:53


My DD ( 4 1/2) Has sms, I also have 3 boys 8,9 & 12( dyslexic).

Hope to speak to you soon

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