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charlie95 Fri 19-Aug-05 21:52:03

have been skimming thru various threads about these.

still puzzled as to which one is better ?

ds been having eye q but recenty not all the time. so wanted to start on eskimo kids but just read from others that theres something in it thats not so good and therefore many have swpaped to the adults version .

is this allowed ?
what is in the kids one thats not so good ? GLA or something like that ?

searched eskimo kids this a.m. on 'net and found it to be excellent ( and quite convincing.

also why is there so much more EPA and DHA in eskimo than eye q ? makes me wonder why they bothered making eye q. surely a higher dosage would be more effective on child ? anyone agree ?

ds needs something bit more now to help delay/learning difficulties and hand flapping / jumpy stuff he does.

charlie95 Fri 19-Aug-05 21:52:53

sorry that should say

Saker Sat 20-Aug-05 07:53:19

It's just the way they are made -you have to give three teaspoons of EyeQ and only one of Eskimo oil so the child does get about the same dose of epa and dha.

We use Eskimo oils and have had no problems though difficult to say whether it has a positive effect or not.

heartinthecountry Sun 21-Aug-05 08:25:44

Charlie95 - I use the adult eskimo rather than kids because my dd has epilepsy and the kids one has something in it that can trigger seizures (could be GLA/can't remember). We have definitely discussed that on here before.

If your ds doesn't have epilepsy it is probably fine to give him the kids one.

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