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Funny moments

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hanaka88 Wed 14-Jul-10 11:11:57

thought I would start a thread where we can post some funny moments with our dc to remember some of the positive tings about having SN children =).

ds stroking cat: just repeating over and over 'oh aren't you lovely doing that?' and 'you have to keep your hands and feet to yourself' gets some odd looks =)

Marne Wed 14-Jul-10 12:49:55


I found dd2 prizing the dog's moth open last week whilst saying "say ahhhhhhhhh Lily, say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh", the poor dog didn't know what to do so just opened her mouth whilst dd2 counted her teeth grin.

woolytree Wed 14-Jul-10 13:22:40

When I was pregnant with DS, DD went with me to see the midwife, as I lay down to check DSs heartbeat DD said 'say AHHHHHHHHH! Mummy!'.....Happened for the next three visits! lol!

OrdinaryJo Wed 14-Jul-10 14:03:25

Just back from hols in France where there was another family staying in the same grounds. Wondered where DS was so went off to find him. Other family trying to enjoy first night picnic tea while DS 'entertained' them to his entire repetoire of songs accompanied by a guitar he'd found. Their faces - priceless - and of course DS couldn't 'read' them so just continued 'with how about another song' as DH and I hid round the corner laughing like drains

hanaka88 Wed 14-Jul-10 15:15:23

haha hilarious! Had to take ds to the hospital just as he decided to eat a plastic spoon at nursery, after his x-ray the man gave him a sticker so i said 'what o you say ds?' ......he said 'Crab.....icecream'

niminypiminy Wed 14-Jul-10 16:47:40

excellent stories!

ds1 has taken to watching adverts very intently, so...
DH: can I wipe the table, ds1, so you can do your homework?
DS1: no, daddy, I'll do it. I'm very good at getting out tough stains.

(Obviously not as good as he is at putting them in wink)

Ampersand44 Wed 14-Jul-10 19:33:19

Driving home today from school, DS2 was telling me about part 2 of a road safety course they have been doing which involved walking round the town - 'if you are still alive at the end that means you have passed'.

Ampersand44 Wed 14-Jul-10 19:49:17

Realise that might not sound very funny - but his little flashes of wry humour and special logic lift my spirits from time to time, especially when he has been so so low for months.

logi Thu 15-Jul-10 01:10:05

My ds who loves "you been framed "often comes out with quotes from the of my favorites "NO PENSIONERS ..NO SHOW" at the top of his voice in the supermarket.

Spinkle Thu 15-Jul-10 14:46:44

My ds goes to a church school. He must've been highly influenced by it when he said grace (loudly) in McDonalds.(much to the amusement of onlookers). He ended it with 'old men' instead of 'Amen'

He then followed it up by singing (again, loudly) 'DANCE TO THE MUSIC' (old disco tune)


hanaka88 Thu 15-Jul-10 14:50:42 ds's new phrase is 'wait for it to load'

which is extremely funny when he says it after someone asks to see his smiling face

NorthernSky Thu 15-Jul-10 19:57:52

Message withdrawn

hanaka88 Thu 15-Jul-10 20:01:44

haha oh dear...did he find it?

NorthernSky Thu 15-Jul-10 22:52:22

Message withdrawn

hanaka88 Wed 21-Jul-10 18:30:50

haha he sounds like a little character!

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