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She makes me laugh...

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eidsvold Fri 19-Aug-05 11:17:48

Dd1 has been very very affectionate of late.... since she started kindy almost. She now comes up to DH or I and wraps her arms around our legs and kisses us. This morning I ended up with a lovely vegemite smudge on my pale blue tracksuit trousers thanks to her. Fab now that she is walking when she throws her arms around our legs .

She now runs through the house shouting for me or dh - mummmmmmmmmmmm, dadddddddddddddddd!! over and over again until she sees us - no matter than we replied three mums ago!!!!

She comes up to dh, me or dd2 and demands a kisssssssss - her latest word... kiiiiiiiisssssssss as she plants a sloppy kiss on the latest lucky recipient!!

Finally dh and I thought we would teach her 'ring-a-ring-a rosies!' now that she is walking - thought we could get her to do the atishoo and the down. Well the first time dh started she dropped to the floor whilst he starts singing and crawls through his legs.... Dh then changed and got on his knees at her eye level - she thought that was fab. Well last night dh played it with her and he fell down and did his dead beetle impersonation - you know - on your back waving legs and arms in the air. Well dd1 cracked up laughing and thought it was a fab idea. Tonight she started singing ring-a-ring-a-rosies - cut to the chase( skipped the rest to) - DOWN! then laid down slowly and did her own dead beetle impersonation.... she looked sooo funny - she did it at least another 5 or so times - she just cracked dh and I up.

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 11:23:41

ring a roses is fab. your house sounds like great fun!

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