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This has probably been asked a million times but please help if you can.

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chegirl Mon 09-Nov-09 22:16:50

I would really appriciate any info more parents more experienced in the statement process can give me.

Saw EP today for her verbal report. DS is 6.5. I have always had concerned re his development but its been like wading through treacle trying to get anywhere...

To say DS is struggling at school would be an understatement. He is not yet acheiving level 1. He cannot read or write. He cannot follow instructions of more than two parts. He has auditory processing disorder.

EP seems very nice and keen to get support sorted for DS. She is not allowed to recommend statementing but thinks its inevitable. I asked her what level he would get. I was expecting to be told b or c. She thinks a D.

If the system is the same outside of London/my borough - does anyone know what this means? How much help would he get. TBH I cant see anything less than 1:1 full time would work. I know that a D is the one under the level that attracts further funding but thats all I know at the moment.

Any clue would be very helpful. Thank you.

lou031205 Mon 09-Nov-09 22:50:18

Hi chegirl, banding varies from LA to LA. For example, in West Sussex, a band D statement is reserved for children with severe SN, who need Special school education. Essex operate bands A-E. In Swindon, Bands go from A-F, and a Band D would entitle 15 hours 1:1.

chegirl Mon 09-Nov-09 22:59:35

Thanks Lou.

I suspected it would be that complicated. I vaguely recall band C in my area entitling 15-20 hours 1:1. I am hoping I am remembering rightly because that would man D would mean more.

Thanks for your help.

isgrassgreener Wed 11-Nov-09 17:43:45

Hi Chegirl, I haven't heard of the banding by letter in the borough i live in (Barnet), but the level that makes the difference here (the magic number) is 16 hours, as anything above that does not come with additional funding and has to be funded from the schools existing budget.
16 hours and above comes with actual money that goes to the school.
You don't have to be put forward for a statement, you can ask for a statutory assessment yourself if you like, but it helps if you have the school on board, as the first thing they will ask is, what help has been given so far and how well has that worked, if the school has done nothing then they may say that the school needs to put something in place and prove that is it not enough help.
Also in Barnet you are given a total of number of hours of support, it does not say 1:1, so the help is not always given 1:1, as it is down to the school to decide how to implement the statement.
Hope this is of some help.

chegirl Thu 12-Nov-09 17:53:47

Hi isgrass thanks for that.

I managed to get hold of the guidelines and D is 15-20 hours but doesnt come with extra funding.

I also found out that the head of obstruction inclusion at DSs school has been telling parents they 'cant apply for statements until the child is 9' shock

Why on earth is he doing that?

I have applied for statement and recieved form today (two days after handing letter in). I will be filling in the form very carefully as I now know the parents bit goes into the final document.

I just want him to learn and reach his potential. I would like him to be able to read by the time he goes up to secondary school!

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