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Hearing impaired child need advice on Education Support and future provisions

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beachfeet Fri 30-Oct-09 19:05:25

My DS aged 10 was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss at the age of 7. All provisions were quickly put in place from the HIST; the teacher for the deaf visited once a week. DS was fitted with hearing aids and radio link up to the teacher. We have so far, been very pleased with his year on year progress from bottom groups to top in many subjects.

However, I have been advised by the consultant that his hearing has deteriorated and likely to do so in the future. I am now getting concerned about the level of provisions in place for his future education. The teacher for the deaf has reduced her visits to once a month and this is likely to continue until the next review in mid 2010. I feel this is not enough ( mentioned it on several occasions) I'm constantly on the phone to her and Ds is not every forthcoming in letting us know about problems with his hearing aids, he will sometimes wait 4wks till her next visit. His class teacher has also mentioned that he is becoming disinterested in class and distracted.

I'm not very well up on LA provisions I have basically left the HIST to it. I was also wondering if the same provisions will follow when he goes to secondary school in a different LA area? Is this something I should be establishing now? I know this seems daft I'm not even sure if DS has a statement. Would a statement secure future resources? The only documentation I receive from SEN is an annual pupil support profile stating all the interventions and support, along with an annual report from the LA. I have asked for a meeting, but would like to be one step ahead and be grateful for any advice.

mary21 Tue 10-Nov-09 18:44:22

If your child had a statement you would know. You would have been through a process of assessments, the sent a propsed statement then a final one and once a year it would be reviewed. The IPSEA web site goes through the proceedure for getting one. My guess is he is on school action plus as he has input from an outside agency. I would speak to someone from one of the hearing impairment charities such as RNID to see what provision he should be getting and speak to your sensory impairment team with regard to secondary provision. My sons are visually impaired rather than hearing

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