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MyOneAndOnly Sat 03-Oct-09 14:03:44

My dd (4) has an unintelligible speech and this has been brough to my attention by her nursery staff. She misses some sounds (s becomes th) and mispronounces some others (l becames y). Now we have seen a SLT and diagnosis is: STOPPING OF FRICATIVES" and been told that with some S & L Therapy, eventually it would be rectified. I cannot seem to find much info about this. Anyone has any experience or knowledge? Many thanks...

yesitsme Sat 03-Oct-09 19:34:58

Sorry never heard of it, not much help I'm afraid, have you done a search on the net?

Wallace Sat 03-Oct-09 20:30:31

I think it just means the way she says sounds. So not really a diagnosis as such.

Fricatives are consonant sounds made by pushing air through a narrow gap. Like "f" is made by air going between your upper teeth and your lower lip.

I can't quite remember about the "stopping" bit, but I think it probably means she isn't corrctly placing her teeth/toungue so the fricative is not produced correctly.

HTH, I am not a professional at all just trying to remember stuff I did at Uni years and years ago.

Anyway at least this will bump it for someone who does know. Like moondog who is a SALT

MyOneAndOnly Sun 04-Oct-09 03:26:50

Thanks yesitsme and thanks Wallace. There are some info on the internet but I was specifically hoping to find some info on MN website in terms of practicalities that MN members experienced / raised. Thanks again.

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