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Advice needed for a last statement review for DD in year 11. What do I need to get in place for F.E.?

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positiveattitudeonly Tue 22-Sep-09 11:05:47

DD3 has had a statement throughout all her education after being diagnosed with oral and verbal dyspraxia at the age of 3. I have never really got to grips with the whole statement process, but have attended each review and we seem to have got on ok.

A year ago DD became unwell and after we were treated really badly at the school she was withdrawn and taught at home, although kept on roll at the school. She is now attending a tuition centre, just 1 hour a day, 4 times a week. We have accepted that she will not get any GCSEs and is now enjoying photography, first aid and art lessons when she goes in to the unit, without any pressure to keep up with maths and english.

Her statement is for "specific learning difficulties" related to her oral dyspraxia. Also she has dyslexia. Her reading age is quite low (about 8 yrs when last tested in Yr 9). Her maths has always been only just below average.

Can anyone advise me what I need to make sure is sorted and in place for a transition to college (6th form)? She is hoping to be well enough to take a part-time photography course next year. I am concerned that the college put her in a group that is appropriate for her with, hopefully, some help with the reading needed.

Last year at her annual review, which we requested was brought forward due to our concerns re her health and the fact that she was missing so much school, I was told that her health was irrelevant to her statement and I should not mention it! How can her health be irrelevant if she was then not able to access virtually any education for the rest of the academic year? Am I going to have the same issues this time? Is this right? Her whole future plans have had to change because of her being ill, but I don't want her to be left with no hope for the future and no help to get her to where she wants to be.

Many thanks for reading this and I hope I have given you enough information. Please feel free to ask any questions and I thank anyone in advance for any advice. smile

positiveattitudeonly Wed 23-Sep-09 15:04:38



Karam Wed 23-Sep-09 22:44:22

I can only speak from my experience at teaching in FE... but I would suggest...

1) Leave it a few weeks. The College is probably inundated at the moment with assessing the new intake and finalising support needed for the new starters. Next year's students are probably not even being considered at the moment.

2) Get in contact with the college directly and ask them what their processes are. Often it is different in college to school. So just ask them.

3) Try going along to the open evening / interview and ask directly there. They should have a learning support person there and might be able to arrange for you to have an interview to discuss your dd's needs when discussing her programme.

Often the way the support works in FE is different to schools, and each college will differ to what it offers and how it works. So those questions will have to be answered directly by the college. But most places should be able to offer part time courses.

positiveattitudeonly Fri 25-Sep-09 09:53:57

Thank you very much karam for your reply.

I know it would probably best on the college to leave it a few weeks, but unfortunately we have the statement review next week, so my time is very limited. hmm I have taken in what you say though, and have obtained an email address for a lady within the special needs department of the college, so I thought I would drop her an email and just ask about their provision, what I need to do now for my DD and when their next open day is.
I am also trying, without much luck at the moment, to speak with DDs Connexions link, who I think may be able to guide us.

Thank you very much. smile

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