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gettingcross Sun 20-Sep-09 11:09:25

Hello to anyone who may read this and it would be lovely if anyone could help with my confusion!!

My daughter has moderate hearing loss in one ear and has been wearing an aid for six months. The hospital referred the inclusion service to school and she sees a teacher of the deaf once every half term. The deaf teacher checks her aid and tunes it, liases with the teacher and generally makes sure that all is well. Academically she is progressing. After a chat with the deaf teacher and taking advice, I am led to believe that she should have an IEP in place as we receive the deaf teacher's help and are therefore on School Action Plus. School states that she has no special needs and is not eligible for an IEP.

My understanding is that my daughters IEP would simply contain guidelines for use in the classroom enviroment and info re her aid. It would be reviewed periodically and passed on when she moves up to senior school.
TThe hospital and audiology department will review her regularly for the rest of her life due to the fact that she has otosclorosis.

Please can anyone help as I have a meeting with the head tomorrow!!!

raggie Sun 20-Sep-09 12:55:18

I agree - she should have an IEP for definite and agree she is School Action Plus.

I had a girl in my last class with an IEP for hearing impairment and it was only school action (sit near front, check she can hear etc)

Sounds like they are trying to avoid the admin or summat...?

gettingcross Sun 20-Sep-09 15:00:07

Thank you for that!!! I have tried to explain to the head that whilst I appreciate she has no special needs or learning disabilities she has "specific needs" and that these must continue to be met in order to maintain her progress. I am presuming that this was also the case with your pupil from what you said?

So many sources of advice have also said the same - I was also wondering about the hassle or admin!!!!

Thank you

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