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help please school mistaking communication difficulties for naughtiness

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uddy Thu 17-Sep-09 14:36:47

hi can anyone give me some advice. my ds 9 is currently under assessment for autism. he has just moved up to middle school an although they except he is 3 years behind his peers and has some form of communication difficulties they still mistake it for naughtiness an refusal to do his work.
he is very intelligent in his own way and has very good verbal language.
he is really good at maths an his teacher assumed been as he is good at maths he should of been able to do the work set yesterday. an yes he knew the answers but it was the way the teacher wanted him to set it out that he didnt understand. teacher had got frustrated and kicked him out of the class hence he didnt finish the work.came to tell me of ds not listening and not doing what he was told to do' and his eventual refusal to do the work and as a result he had sent him out of class much to my annoyance
I have now explained to teacher exactly what it was that my ds did not understand [as ds is unable to do so him self] he accepted what i said an told me he saw my point now we will have a meeting after school 2morow to discuss see what else we can do to help ds.
but i dont hold out much hope of not having a constant battle with the school.
can anyone offer any advice in terms of getting school on board. any ideas of ways to explain ds's difficulties in a way we can avoid future issues like this one

AMA40 Fri 18-Sep-09 13:35:38

Immediately talk to SENCO and follow up with written confirmastion of your discussion. Push the assessment and ask school to log all similar type incidents, the statementing process takes a year (if you are lucky) .
Your child will need someone at school that they may feel comfortable with to mentor them. Middle Schools are very daunting and far too big, there is too much stimulation and too much noise for ASD kids to cope with.
Talk to Senco about who understands what about Autism. His homework MUST be individualised to his needs, all too often children are all given routine curriculum based homework regardless of whether they understand it or not, this leads to more frustrations! You have to be firm with the school about what your child needs without sounding like your whinging! It does very much depend on the Head's view and understanding of SEN, as this works it way through all staff and so it may be an idea to ask for an appointment with the head and politely question there knowledge of SEN. Do not give up though your child deserves the best, unfortunately none of the info you need will be handed to you on a plate, you will have to search for it and ask. Good Luck

uddy Sat 19-Sep-09 09:36:12

thanks ama40 i saw senco and class tutor yesterday and basically my ds has gone from no support to ta support all day everyday. thats more than a statemented child. the head is very good about sen to be fair. its ds tutor who seems to think he knows my son better than me after a week. he has surprised me though because he has pulled out all the stops
he has put alot of measures in place. but still insists that my ds does understand what he has to do . myself an senco tried to explain but he was adament.
i know it wont work but he wont be told, will leave it as it is for a few weeks then go in an prove him wrong as its a lesson he needs to learn

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