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After School Club dilemma for child with SN

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CrackersInBed Fri 11-Sep-09 21:38:01

DD has a 121 with her all day at school except lunchtime when she and 2 others with SN share a support worker. She doesn't actually need someone glued to her side permanently but it is more that she frequently needs a small helping hand etc IYKWIM.

She now wants to do an afterschool club, and I checked how it would work for her. Head Teacher said no probs as one of the 2 teachers staffing it is the lunchtime shared worker so has lots of experience, also the group is only 10 kids, so thinks it will be fine. Also because there are 2 members of staff there she could be taken to the loo by one of them if requried, so that's OK too.

This afternoon though I spoke to dd's 121 who said she had been meaning to talk to me about it just to remind me that she wouldn't be available, so I should think very carefully about whether I thought dd would cope. She really made me worry about whether it would work out, and it did make me think that maybe I am crazy given that we are permanently fighting for 121 during the day, is is a bit contradictory to then leave her unsupported for this extra hour.

Did also get me thinking that effectively SN kids are excluded from these afterschool clubs aren't they if there is no support available. has anyone else had this problem?

blametheparents Sat 12-Sep-09 18:56:39

RIghtly or wrongly I think my main concern would be that I would be effectively saying that 121 support was not required for my DD, cos for afterschool club I was happy to forego it.
It is not a battle I would want to have, esp as you say you are 'permanently fightinf for 121 during the day'

CrackersInBed Sat 12-Sep-09 19:35:56

Hmmm call me paranoid, but I guess it could be used against me, couldn't it?

Millarkie Sat 12-Sep-09 19:42:06

I'm in a similar situation. My dd has mild physical SN but no extra support in class. I haven't used After School Club although I work and it would be the most convenient afterschool care because I was assuming that they wouldn't have the staff to help her if there was a problem. I was thinking about ringing them and checking my assumption though because dd has said she would like to go (some of her friends go).

ingles2 Sat 12-Sep-09 19:43:24

I wouldn't...unfortunately you need to constantly reiterate why you need 121, don't show that you can do without it.

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 19:46:47

I think you should send her.

The school will not use it against you in terms of reducing her hours of support, it's not their decision if she is statemented is it?

It would be nice for her to experience a small group setting without someone with her.

Also, an after school club is very different from the challenges your dd faces in the classroom. Does she have 121 at playtime too?

CrackersInBed Sat 12-Sep-09 20:00:54

She doesn't have a 121 with her at lunchtime so when she has eaten she is in the playground with only vague assistance from one person covering 3. But tbh when we have a review this term we are likely to challenge that and ask for more hours to help her at playtime, because she isn't integrating very well.

This is a gardening club we are talking about for only 10 kids so I am not worried about her being knocked over and bumped into and I know there won't be much moving around so I think she will be physically safe. And I think it will do her good to mix with some of her schoolmates in a smaller quieter setting which she might find easier. And the toiletting issue is covered so I don't think it is a silly thing to do for her safety and wellbeing. It is the politics that concern me.

The school's report will have a massive impact on how many hours dd gets in her review and due to complicated circumstances it would actually suit them very well if her hours were reduced a little, which is why I am a bit worried.

blametheparents Sat 12-Sep-09 20:10:29

Is there any way that you could offer to help as a parent helper for the after school gardening club?
Many after school clubs ask for extra help for parents and would appreciate the help.
I understand that you may be trying to give your DD more independene and it might not be something that you want to do, but could it work?
Your conerns about cutting the 121 support would be paramount in my mind and heavily influence my decision.

bramblebooks Sat 12-Sep-09 20:33:40

Get your senco to ask the assessment and monitoring team if there's anything like a 'count me in' funding mechanism for after school clubs. There sometimes is for children with 1:1s but it's often not known about.

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