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maybe dyspraxia?

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pippita Fri 11-Sep-09 10:43:06

Hi, I'm new so be gentle!! Problem is DS age 8. Poor concentration, horrific handwriting, easily upset and hurt. School has picked up on this and have offered a place in special morning class (he is mortified) Am I paranoid mum or could it be dyspraxia? Excellent bike rider and sports.

lostinwales Sat 03-Oct-09 12:19:28

Don't have much to help with here but he does sound like my son who has, wait for it, developmental co-ordination delay, which is apparently the same thing. I think they are just trying to confuse us so we don't get anything done!
Not sure I have much wisdom to help as I'm feeling my way through but we were assesed by a paediatrician, through a school referral, and now see an OT.
Can't be much more help but you can also be refered through a GP, his handwriting has definitely improved with balance exercises though, which is random, but there you go.
My boy can also ride a bike well and run, but his ball skills are only comming along now with lots of practice.

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