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Dyspraxic child - A levels or BTEC national diploma???

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choochoochaboogie Sun 30-Aug-09 18:34:34

DD is dyspraxic and as result hasn't done as well in GCSEs as expected and results certainly don't reflect her knowledge base. She just doesn't seem to be able to cope with exams - getting the info from her brain onto the paper seems to be a problem. Her teachers have said this is common for dyspraxic children, she struggles with staying focused and they say that the slightest thing might distract her and she would lose her thread during the exam sad.

However she has done well enough that she now has the choice between doing A levels and a BTEC national diploma which is apparently more coursework and less exams.

She still wants the option of going on to university in 2 years time.

Does anyone have any experience of which would be best?? We don't want to set her up to fail and we want her to be happy and fulfil her potential. Any advice from mumsnetters pleeeeease ????

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