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Expecting my son to know when he needs help ....and ask for it....

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MsF Fri 10-Jul-09 13:03:39

he's 15 with ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome...not statemented.

TBH REALLY p*ssed off with school report as it centres in on his lack of conectration and poor organisational skills.

Well....we have been pointing that out since yr7.
...they still insist that HE asks for help when he needs point is due to his ADHD/ASPERGERS... he is NOT aware half the time that he NEEDS help...does that make sense???

i feel so negative about the whole thing. i just wish he were in further education ...i am so fed up of the bloody curriculam...yes... i know in FE he will have a curriculam...but he will also get plenty of 'study time' to come home...with me to 1:1 help him...whereas now he's at school all day- then comes home- and i have 2 others also with once everyone is home it is chaos here.

so i have this lovely image of it being easier once he's at college????

bubblagirl Sat 11-Jul-09 10:54:41

bumping for you but have no advise im afraid my ds is 4 and going through statement process at moment and has also had lots of help from young age to help him request help etc it sounds like he just hasn't had any appropriate help at all for his needs

im sorry its all hard for you i hope someone can come along and offer some productive advice for you

TurtleAnn Thu 16-Jul-09 21:48:41

It is likely that DS is too old for local Speech and Language Therapy support, as many trusts don't cover secondary schools, but it is definately worth asking.

A Speech & Language Therapist also works with kids with ASD to support social skills, asking for clarification in class etc - Anything where language or opening your mouth is involved.

If you have the money, a private SaLT would be able to give you some tips and tricks in a single session. Look on for a reputable, qualified, registered SaLT.

It is worth checking with school though to see if you can get a one off advice session with an SaLT through school, the SENCo would be able to refer to the local PCT.

MsF Fri 17-Jul-09 00:28:46

thanks for that...maybe i could get something sorted for september...being that is his final year....exams loomimg etc!

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