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Fixed term exclusion for DS with needed for emergency annual review of statement please???

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cjones2979 Fri 03-Jul-09 00:25:33

My DS is 5 and has ASD. He has become too much for his mainstream school to handle as has been smacking his 1:1 TA and has today been given a 1.5 day fixed term exclusion.

His behaviour has not changed at home and he is clearly unhappy at school as his behaviour there has got increasingly worse since new strategies were put into place. However, despite me voicing my concerns to the school, they haven't tried to change things back, have just decided to exclude him.

I am really upset about this as feel they are looking upon him as a naughty child rather than a child with ASD. He doesn't understand that what he is doing is wrong and suspending him means nothing to him.
An emergency annual review meeting has been organised for next Thursday and i'd really appreciate any advice on questions we should ask etc etc.

To put you in the picture, we are looking into trying to get him placed in a special needs school. The EP will be present, along with Outreach Support, his teachers, head teacher and Partnership with Parents.
Sorry this is a long message, but any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Hathor Fri 03-Jul-09 11:31:32

I am sorry to hear the school has taken this to exclusion. I hope someone with experience of exclusion meetings and applying to special schools can advise you.

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