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Advise needed for DS

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MissPitstop Fri 12-Jun-09 11:58:34

My DS1 has Aspergers, he attends mainstream school but does not have a statement. We are having a whole variety of problems with this, I think he needs 1:1 as but the SENCO has told me that I wont get it. DS doesnt display problems very frequently at school (although has begun to) but explodes when he gets home, this has resulted in violence towards myself and his siblings, self harm, sleep and eating problems, general anxiety and school refusal. Until recently he didnt even have an action plan as the SENCO didnt think he needed it "he is exceeding all his target for his age". There was an incident at school yesterday where DS was put in a situation that I had warned them in a meeting just a few days ago would result in DS self harming. I went in to the school this am to talk to them about this. His school teacher apologised and said "it wouldnt have happened if he had 1:1", "I didnt have time to prepare him/sort out an alternative". Does anyone have any experience or advice for getting a statement on the grounds of mental health issues and behaviour caused by school but displayed outside?

juliaw Mon 15-Jun-09 15:01:00

Sorry I haven't but we are applying for a statement ourselves for our son in the hope it will be in place before he starts nursery. Have you looked at IPSEA and A.C.E. websites for info. If you look at your local LEA website that should have links to the code of practice etc and tell you how you can apply yourself. I wouldn't listen to the SENCO from what I hear LEA decisions are often not consistent and just because they have not been successful in getting a statement for another child does not mean yours would not get one. Obviously what happens out of school is just as important, clearly your son is struggling with some aspects of school - probably a sensory overload - which means he comes home and explodes. You are absolutely right to pursue this, you should talk to your GP about medical assessment options (is ed psych or clinical psych). I have met a Mum with a similar child who ended up having a breakdown at age 10 because the school dismissed that there was any problem (he was later diagnosed with Aspergers, up until then his mum just thought she was a terrible mum and he was an awful kid). Eventually a pscyh was involved and recommended he had to be taken out of school for his mental health. So you are absolutely right to challenge the school on this, you know your child best and you know he is not coping with school - trust your instincts. I would go to the GP and say you want your child assessed medically and I would write to the LEA and ask them to assess his educational needs (example letters on IPSEA / ACE). Meanwhile keep a diary. If you have to give the school further advance warnings perhaps put them in writing so that you have evidence you can point to that the school is aware of the problem.

Peachy Mon 15-Jun-09 15:04:59

Yes I have done this myself, we got 1-1 as well, 10 hours (very few people get more)

The helplines I would suggest are IPSEA, SOS!SEN and the national autistic society education line; the NAS sent me links to lots of their material that I could use as evidence that reactions to in schoolstress in AS could be deferred and cause severe issues at home, and as such they should be taen into account

My experience of SENCO's is that they are paid by the LEA and often 9though not always- have a fab one now) have An Agenda. Our last one was a nightmare of epic proportions.

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