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CAF (common assessment framework) Need to fill this in,

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I have to fill in a CAF and wonder if there is anything I should be aware of before I start. My DS is in reception class and has support all day. (50% funded by EEYAP) Head teacher wouldnt have DS reassessed when I asked him to but the SALT has done an assessment on DS and she feels his problem isnt a speech and language one but a cognitive one and as a result of her phoning the SENCO he is now going to be reassessed. Before this happens though I have to fill in a CAF and am worried about putting in the wrong thing. When we applied for the EEYAP funding I remember it had to be worded very carefully to make sure he got the funding needed. Anyone have any experience of this pleasesmile

purepurple Sat 14-Mar-09 08:35:39

I would ask the SENCO at school to help you, they are the expert in form filling!

when you say you have to fill it in, do you mean just a sectionor the whole thing?
As this is a very long form and I would have thought it was the SENCO's responsibility to do this and to just ask for your input.

Thanks purple, the SENCO has asked for my input and for me to fill in any relevant details then she is going to fill in the bits she needs to fill in and I presume the SALT may have some contribution to add. The SENCO is then going to type it out. I am frightened of putting down something that may affect the outcome if that makes sense.

mrz Thu 02-Apr-09 19:53:01

CAF forms are completed by the lead professional NOT by a parent who has told you to fill it in?

Normally all interested professionals meet to agree how to proceed and complete the form which has to be signed by the parent

gothicmama Thu 02-Apr-09 20:08:31

mrz is right as a CAF is completed by a lead professional, with input from other professionals and the parent, who has to agree to a CAF being carried out.
The purpose of the CAF is to identify who (agency) can help to meet the needs of a child if they can not be met solely within the lead professionals agency. After the form is completed a meeting is held to decide how to proceed reviews should be built in - if not insist on one after 3 months at most of an action plan being started - this will aallow to ensure what is meant tto happen happens or highlights why it is not

Sidge Thu 02-Apr-09 20:14:52

The CAF should be filled in by the lead professional with the parent. The point of the CAF is to identify the needs of the child within the family, so the parent's views are central.

Then the CAF will be taken to a Locality meeting where discussion will take place as to what support is needed.

gothicmama Thu 02-Apr-09 20:18:44

interesting,sidge it operates a bit differently where Iam an dlooks at all aspects of the childs life as well as home

Sidge Thu 02-Apr-09 22:49:35

Oh I agree gothicmama, I didn't put it very well (trying to type too quickly!) - what I meant was the CAF doesn't just refer to school for example, it looks at the child's needs within their whole social structure including home life, not just school or SEN.

Wow, sorry i havent been on here for ages. The SENCO asked me to fill in as much as I could and that they would fill in the parts relevent to school. Ed psych came and assessed DS and said he had a significant learning dificulty that he would have throughout his school life and advised us to apply for a statement. Another lady form the LEIS has also been to see DS in class and she said she felt he didnt have a learning difficulty but that he learned in a different way to most other children... that he is a visual learner. I have today received a letter saying the LEA are now considering whether to make a full, formal assessment of DS's educational needs. Is it worth getting in touch with parent partnership or should I just ask for help in school with this. The pead seems to think it is either ASD or Aspergers and I must say when I filled in the aspergers questionaire he did tick all the boxes. Through reading things on MNet i realise that its really important what I put in these forms.

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