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Rates for tuition?

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veryembarrassedmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 10:38:08

Anyone pay for SpLD tution ( dyslexia)?

If so, what is the going rate in your area. I am in the SE near London.

LIZS Sun 08-Mar-09 10:43:33

via school we pay approximately £30 p/hr for Learning Support one to one.

veryembarrassedmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 10:48:30

Is that specialist SpLD teaching- ie does the teacher have the qualifications, or is she a "normal " teacher?

LIZS Sun 08-Mar-09 11:34:08

She's actually a ta with specialist training/interest

swedishmum Sun 08-Mar-09 22:57:10

I'm in Kent. I have a post grad dyslexia certificate from Dyslexia Action and charge £20 ph for individual tuition. I know I could charge more, but as a mum of a dyslexic child don't want to rip anyone off. Also charge the same for 11 plus tuition. Am I undercharging??

veryembarrassedmummy Mon 09-Mar-09 08:39:19

yes- you undercharging. in this area ordinary primary tutoring is £25-ish.
It is not a case of ripping people off surely?

Paris03 Mon 18-May-09 23:45:02

I have been going to see a lady called Lee Dein (see her website) for 2 years as my son has got speech delays. She has done a wonderful job with him and she is now teaching him to read and write, hence why we are still going (he can now speak). She is based in Golders Green. She charges £40 per session of 45mns to 1 hr depending on the child's ability. Good luck.

mummyrex Sat 06-Jun-09 18:19:08

I have seen everything from £15 to £60(!!!)

I'd say £20 to £25 is average.

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