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Autistic child in mainstream, bit child possible exclusion

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jealiebaby Mon 26-Jan-09 10:14:53

I have a 4 year old ASD DS who has just started mainsteam reception 3 weeks ago. In the last week he has bitten 2 children. He has full time 1-1 support but I know that at least one of the occasions took place when she was on her break.
One of the childs parents has complained about the biting and has been up to the school more than once to talk about it. The Head is now talking about possible exclusion if it happens again.
I really don't want to have to move him to another school because he is really enjoying it and even starting to make freinds (sort of!!). He is amazingly intellegent and is reading above key stage 2 and doing Maths from the year above him, so I am really concerned about what will happen to him if he cant stay there.
Does anyone know what my rights are, what the rights of the parent who is complaing is, or what might happen if he is excluded?
Thanks x

dukester Sun 26-May-13 13:02:37

To be honest I wouldn't stress to much. My son( asd and with fulltime support on his statement) who is 8 years old and huge size of a 12 year old has bitten three children in less than 6 months different circumstances he was getting provoked ( bullied) by older children. The school can do diddly sqat and certainly cant expel him. By not meeting the terms of support in the statement they are breaking the guidelines it is a legally binding document.
And to be honest they are being ridiculous he is a little boy in reception sometimes little ones bite when they get frustrated am not saying its right / fair etc but it does happen.

dukester Sun 26-May-13 13:05:05

I would also be asking the school what they are doing to ensure it dosent happen again?

Melty Sun 26-May-13 13:07:38

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