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Proud Mummy alert

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Minniethemoocher Thu 23-Oct-08 13:51:06

DD has special educational needs. We are still going through the process of diagnosis, but possibly ASD, also dyslexia/dyspraxia.

Had parents evening this week and was told that she had put her hand up and answered a question correctly in class. Her teacher was so pleased that she had finally inter-acted at last and so am I!

OK, she is 5.5 and cannot read or write at all, cannot form ANY letters, but I bet I am the proudest Mummy after parents evening!

Just wanted to share.... blush

Aitch Thu 23-Oct-08 13:52:01

fab, hopefully it's a breakhrough! grin

swedishmum Thu 23-Oct-08 22:54:01

Excellent! Enjoy the moment - here's hoping it's the first of very many!

MrsWeasleySupportsVoldemort Thu 23-Oct-08 23:02:31

Well done your DD

Minniethemoocher Thu 23-Oct-08 23:06:27

Oh, thank you so much, I knew that you would appreciate how special this moment is to me.

When I listen to the other Mum's telling me about all the things that the children can do, reading/writing ect.

I just smile sweetly and my heart swells with pride with any step forward my DD takes, which they just don't understand....

UmMwahahahaaaaa Thu 23-Oct-08 23:15:42

Yay, well done her! smile

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