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Can't decide which school is 'best' ?

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tyres Mon 20-Oct-08 16:48:37

My son has ASD and is coping increasingly well with every day life. We need to get our primary school choices back soon and I am unsure which school to put top of the list.
1st school is our catchment one - large, nearly 500 pupils, seems impersonal but has plenty of resources for SEN - seems on the ball, is v close to home. 2nd one is nearly a mile away, much smaller (180) very cosy and seems more 'homely'. Has a higher ratio than average of children with SEN but fewer resources. I cannot decide which one. My son has changed so much in the last few months - his speech is developing in leaps and bounds and he seems much more able to take on board the way the world works.
I wish someone would make the choice for me - does anyone have any tips for picking a 'good' school ? btw he is just being assessed for possible statementing but I am proceeding on the basis that he won't get one for the time being.

pushkar Mon 20-Oct-08 17:40:56

the key thing 1;1 which most sen children need, do any do a 1;1 programme or applied behaviour analysis, another 1;1 programme, the smaller the school the better, but the ratio of adult to child is important, ie 7 children 4 adults and if its main stream 1;1 all the time including play time,, if i was you i would look for a school with applied behaviour analysis as this aba approach works with a lot of asd kids. my son has asd and i am also looking for a good small school in london where i know quite a few. The eagle house group you could look up they have a variety of schools or mainstream with a 1;1 that you can interview and choose with the school!

tipsycat Mon 20-Oct-08 20:58:19

From my experience, it's the most difficult decision to make. Do you have a Parent Partnership in your area? They will accompany you on visits to possible schools to help you to decide. I would ask all possible schools about what experience they have of ASD pupils and how they go about supporting them in the classroom. This can vary significantly from school to school. I'd try and get statement in place ASAP, does your child have support in nursery at the moment?

tyres Mon 20-Oct-08 21:44:38

Thanks both for your replies. I have visited several schools and need to phone Parent Partnership (looks like I have done it the wrong way round !). My son currently has excellent support in both a mainstream and a special pre-school. I have considered ABA and am not sure it would be appropriate for him as he copes well using various other techniques. We are awaiting a pre-school Panel decision as to whether they are going to proceed with statementing. I am just a bit bewildered by all the options people keep firing at us for his education. I also want to take into consideration his younger sister (by 1 yr) as I think he would benefit from her being in the same environment (and vice versa).

tipsycat Mon 20-Oct-08 21:55:07

The thing i found most frustrating is that none of the experts (SALT, Health Visitor etc) are allowed to give any recommendations. I'd look at requesting a statement yourself, again Parent Partnership will help you. Try posting a message on the Special Needs board, someone there may have info about the schools in your area.

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