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ADHD DD and taking forever in the toilet!! HELP!!

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Snozcumber Sat 11-Oct-08 20:59:19

Ok, help please!
My DD is 3.10y and exceptionally bright. IQ 140+!! Also has ADHD and possible Aspergers. Problems are currently dietary controlled to the best of my ability. She is exceptionally chemically sensitive and spending 2 mins in the same room as anyone wearing anything perfumed sets her off - BIG time!!

Currently have a problem, with sending her to the toilet. Some days she can take herself to the toilet and do everything she has to do, including hand-washing and come back before I've noticed shes gone!! Most days she gets a bit distracted and need encouraging to hurry up. However on bad days she can be gone for 20 mins... She just sits staring into thin air, or plays with toilet paper or water. Other day she was "Ice skating" in the bath, with her school shoes on and her trousers round her ankles when already late for pre-school!!

Obviously if she was like this all the time, she would not be taking herself to the toilet, but she gets really upset if I try to accompany her or help her as she knows she can do it herself most of the time.

Weird query I know but anyone got any ideas to just survive the bad days without quite so much stress over going to the toilet!!
Have tried a visual chart of what to do in what order, but didn't help as its not really forgetting what needs doing.

Any ideas gratefully received

bubblagirl Sun 12-Oct-08 09:19:05

im not sure really ds has HFA and doesnt like to be accompanied but if going out we always go in together we turned it into a game almost made it fun he took me to the toilet as wre always go before we leave so he takes me and then he goes after me and we go out

not sure if it'll work for your dd but if my ds feels in control i can get him to do almost anything but obviously still getting my own way

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